That Big Mission Fire, as Seen from Bernal Heights




That big fire in the Mission on Sunday morning created a pillar of billowing smoke that was an ominous spectacle for many Bernalese living on the north slope of Bernal Hill.

Neighbor Jason used some optics to enhance his view from Bernal, and the photos above show the dramatic results: He captured the scene as flames engulfed the much-loved Rolling Stock tire shop on the corner of Shotwell and 16th. The SF Appeal wrote about the details:

A three-alarm fire this morning in the Inner Mission neighborhood of San Francisco destroyed an auto business and displaced 17 people at an apartment building, an assistant chief of the San Francisco Fire Department said.

The first report of the fire came in at 7:45 a.m. at 16th and Shotwell streets, assistant chief Dave Franklin said.

No civilians or firefighters were injured, Franklin said.

The fire destroyed an auto business that sells tires and other auto equipment, Franklin said.

A business named Rolling Stock is located at the corner of 16th and Shotwell streets, according the firm’s website.

The company was not open for business at the time of the fire, Franklin said.

The fire also burned an apartment building on 16th Street where 17 people had to leave their homes, he said.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Jason

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  1. If you are into conspiracy theories, you can see the recent patterns of Mission fires as a way for landlords to force rental turnover; and subsequently sell the land to developers to build new fancy houses.
    But then again, maybe i’ve watched too many movies and reading too much into it…

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