Citizens! It’s Election Day! Get Thee to a Polling Place!


Citizens of Bernalwood! Today is Election Day, 2015! Don’t forget to vote. If you’re a registered voter, here’s some last-minute guidance from the San Francisco Department of Elections:

All San Francisco polling places citywide are open for voters from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Department urges San Franciscans to confirm the locations of their polling places at or by calling (415) 554-4375 before they go to vote.

Voters may also vote at the City Hall Voting Center. Located on the ground floor of City Hall, the Voting Center is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Vote-by-mail voters may drop their ballots off from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at any polling place in San Francisco, at the Department’s Ballot Drop-off Stations outside two City Hall entrances–the main entrance at Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place (Polk Street) and the Grove Street entrance– or at the Department’s office.

Ballots returned by mail must be postmarked with today’s date and received by the Department of Elections no later than Friday, November 6. Anyone uncertain about whether his or her mailed ballot would reach the Department in time to be counted is encouraged to instead bring the ballot to any San Francisco polling place, the City Hall Voting Center, or the Department’s Ballot Drop-Off Stations before 8 p.m.

Still on the fence about how to vote? The Bernalwood Slate Card looks at the 2015 ballot from a YIMBY/urbanist point-of-view, and it’s been getting a lot of traffic lately. Otherwise, our friends at Hoodline have put together a rather spiffy interactive reference guide to all the other election guides around town, so you can browse, compare, and contrast. Viva democracy!

PHOTO: Election Day on Precita Avenue, 2011 by Telstar Logistics

15 thoughts on “Citizens! It’s Election Day! Get Thee to a Polling Place!

  1. Is YIMBY/urbanist a euphemism for anti-human corporate real estate interests? Maybe you could just say Ron Conway’s point of view.

    A lot of traffic lately? Lol yeah, in regards to people denouncing it, including Bernal’s own democratic club.

    • I agree. For a blog that claims to champion our culture and covers every new restaurant opening and lemonade stand in Bernal, one would assume that a strong neighborhood democratic institution that has existed for over 30 years would not ignored and have references to it deleted. If you line up the ballot propositions, tomorrow you will see that our neighborhood residents voted much more in line with the Bernal Demo Club than the SF Real Estate Party.

  2. For some strange reason I feel like Prop. F and I are diversions so we don’t pay attention to Mirkarimi and Gascon winning again. Feels like some African Nation when Gascon runs unopposed and has a revolving door policy with criminals. And well Mirkarimi is a criminal is his own right. Surprised people aren’t marching in the streets against El Sherif.

    • I was trying to imagine what Mirkarimi would have to do to lose these so- called progressive endorsements. If he killed someone would they still endorse him? What if the person he killed was an Ed Lee supporter?

      • What Prog endorsements? Go to his web page. No elected officials with the unfortunate exception of Avalos are supporting him. Though I prefer his policies to the Hennesy’s, like most progressives I will be happy to be done with him when he looses in a few hours.

      • Oh, poor Nate. Despite your strident enthusiasm for the Bernal Heights Democratic Club and their learned wisdom, it would appear you didn’t bother to, you know, actually read their endorsements.

        The Bernal Heights Democratic Club endorsed Ross Mirkarimi.

  3. @Todd

    I did read it and disagreed with that particular endorsement. I also voted for someone else for community college. If I only rolled with people who I agreed with 100% of the time I would always be alone. My point was that I find it a bit disingenuous for a community blog to not only ignore a neighborhood institution, but to actively censor other community members by removing their attempts to inform neighbors about a club that has existed for a very long time. As a small child, my first experience in political engagement was dropping their little green slate card at houses around the neighborhood. To call other neighbors NIMBYs who have taken a large role in engaging Bernal residents in electoral politics for so long seems, well not very neighborly. Beyond that, based on historic trends, in terms of the ballot propositions, their slate will be much more representative of the votes that come out of the neighborhood than yours. I would be happy to take you up on your previous offer to analyze and share that.

    • I’m always grateful for data-driven analyses, Nate, and fascinated by the results. Please do share!

      I’m also sure you are correct about the likely results, but that was never in doubt.

      • Thanks and once again, I don’t take issue with you using this platform to express your point of view. Just would hope that as you often express a desire to overcome a binary of older neighborhood people’s supposed “us v. the newcomer’s” point of view, that you wouldn’t use this space to do the same thing to folks who have made longstanding contributions to our neighborhood by writing them off as NIMBYs v urbanists. Will look forward to seeing how the city and our neighborhood vote.

  4. The problem with politics is that so many people blindly follow what others say. If the BHDC’s slate will be much more representative of the votes that come out of the neighborhood then perhaps it’s because the neighborhood is blindly following what they say, and not thinking for themselves.

    After all, that’s what political organizers always hope for: a populace without pre-existing ideas who can be easily convinced.

    You ever hear the Bill Hicks routine on marketing? I feel the same way about the political process as well.

  5. Can I just say, I understand why politicians want a slush fund like J to hand out to their friends, but wtf? We are going to spend taxpayer money to line the pockets of landlords who likely aren’t paying market value property taxes b/c of Prop 13? That is crazy. I hope someone challenges that as a gift of public funds.

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  7. Hi Todd, I really enjoy reading your blog, and very much appreciate all the work you put into it. I know it takes a LOT of time. Recently I’ve noticed that you incorporate your own political leanings into your writing. And even though I generally agree with your positions, I always cringe a little when I read them.

    Maybe I’m out of touch with the world of blogging, and this is considered totally cool. This isn’t a major criticism, just an observation on how I think you might improve your greatly appreciated service to those lucky enough to live in our wonderful neighborhood.

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