Tonight: Visit the Shocking Haunted Garage on Bessie Street … IF YOU DARE!


Here’s late-breaking addition for your Halloween schedule.  Once again, the spooky Haunted Garage is coming to Precitaville, and you’re welcome to visit…. if you dare. Neighbors Paul & Annelise tell us:

Hey neighbors.

It’s on again: Haunted Garage Saturday, October 31 5pm-8:30pm at 25 Bessie Street. It’s like a weird blacklight funhouse, with little kids and adults alike coming through for cheap thrills (free, to be exact). Last year we overheard “it’s like Fort Thunder!”

It’s hilarious hearing people make their way through the haunted garage: “Is that guy moving? I think there’s someone in there… you go first. No you go… there is totally someone in there. It’s gonna move when we get close…. oh shit oh shit oh shit….”

There will probably be live musical things happening inside, as well.

Our host at the front will help our guests choose the level of scariness, from 1-10, so everybody can be accommodated.