Chicano Nuevo Restaurant Opens Tonight in Former Emmy’s Space on Virginia


Neighbor Abraham Nunez has created some new yum for your tum. Neighbor Abraham is also Chef Abraham, and he’s opening a brand-new restaurant in the former (good karma) Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack space at 18 Virginia Ave, just across from our Taoist Safeway. Neighbor Abraham’s restaurant is called Chicano Nuevo, and it offers food from the borderlands, right here in our metaphorical front yard. Chicano Nuevo’s grand opening is scheduled for tonight, Wednesday October 28, and Bernalwood is told:

In the location of the old Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack, right around the corner from tequila bar mainstay El Amigo, arrives the new So-Cal inspired Chicáno Nuevo.

Chef and owner Abraham Nunez brings his family’s recipes from Chula Vista to Bernal Heights, and recreates his childhood— from the border taco joints to the traditional holiday meals— in the form of Ensendena style “Baja” fish tacos, three-cheese tamales with an infused chile masa, and queso fundido served in authentic  casuelitas de barra, sent here straight from Tijuana.

Nunez, a Bernal Heights resident and enthusiast, is an alumnus of Emmy’s, where he designed and managed its cocktail program. He is also well known in the neighborhood as one of the former lead bartenders at St. Mary’s Pub.

“I’m still in denial of it actually happening,” said Nunez about opening the place. “There really isn’t anything else like this in the city, and I am just really excited to share this kind of food with my friends and neighbors.”

Chicano Nuevo opens to the public Wednesday Wednesday Oct 28, with plans to serve late-night fare on weekends, staying open until 3am.

UPDATE Oct 28, 7:30 pm: Neighbors Susie and John where first in the door at the grand opening tonight with their son Eddie, and they shared this photo of Chef Abraham with Eddie. Neighbor Susie says:

We came to Chicano Nuevo based on the Bernalwood post. We’re their first customers. Potato taquitos! Everything was very delicious, especially the fish tacos w yummy soup on the side!


PHOTO: Top, Neighbor Abraham Nunez

15 thoughts on “Chicano Nuevo Restaurant Opens Tonight in Former Emmy’s Space on Virginia

  1. Sounds awesome and I’ll definitely come by for a meal with the family. Friendly word of advice to Abraham around marketing the concept. The quote is “there really isn’t anything else like this in the city,” but to the untrained non-foodie’s ear, it sounds a lot like the hundreds of other Mexican restaurants in the Mission. I’ll go to any new restaurant in Bernal, but if there are any casual eaters out there like me who aren’t Bernal-or-diehards, you’ll need to really refine that marketing message around something that sounds a bit more unique.

  2. Beautiful place to cherish a bliss night out. Staff is amazing! The food is from another planet meaning the taste youve been searching for is rite here.

  3. Looking forward to supporting great people and enjoying some tasty food in the neighborhood. And being open late, that is an even bigger bonus! Best of luck to Chef Abraham

  4. Thank you for the amazing neighborhood love the last few days guys! We were in no-way expecting the turnouts that we’ve had. We are adjusting daily to demands and straightening out our kitchen set up to deliver to you faster & better. The 3am thing is pending as we wait for our application the pass with SFPD 🙂

    We “heart,” all you friends and neighbors and big love to bernalwood! Todd, I owe ya a beer or two.


    • We went by on Sunday evening and it was closed. What are your days and hours open? We can’t wait to try it!

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