Space Station Astronaut Captures View of Bernal Hill from Outer Space


Good morning, earthlings of Bernal Heights! Perhaps you saw that tweet from ISS astronaut Scott Kelley on Saturday morning? The one that had a remarkable image of San Francisco, as seen from the International Space Station?

If you saw the image, you were probably grateful for the extensive training you received as a Bernal Heights astro-navigator. You remember, right?

Locating Bernal Heights from outer space is actually pretty easy. The trick is to know what local landmarks to look for.

Bernal Heights sits roughly at the intersection of two imaginary, perpendicular lines that extend from Islais Creek Channel to the east of Bernal Heights and Aquatic Park to the north. Both of these have a distinctive, easy-to-spot profile when viewed from above, so just find the intersection where the lines come together and then… hey, you have located your home, Earth creature.

As you can see, that technique works quite well with the image Scott Kelly shared over the weekend:


Here’s an unedited version of the image. Can you find your house?

One thought on “Space Station Astronaut Captures View of Bernal Hill from Outer Space

  1. Neat fact about Commander Kelly and his connection to Bernal Heights: his childhood friend, and really close pal, Evan Rose lived on Manchester Street for 10 years or so. So, there you have Bernal connections, once removed.
    Evan passed away mid July, so this is a fitting tribute and connection!
    Thanks bernalwood!

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