Bernal Neighbor Witnesses Dramatic Bee Swarm Rescue on Cesar Chavez


Neighbor Miles was on the scene yesterday as a group of volunteers rallied to help rescue a hive of bees that had become stranded near the corner of Cesar Chavez Boulevard and Valencia Street.

Here with an exclusive Bernalwood Action News report, let’s go to Neighbor Miles:

First time I’ve ever seen one of these! What struck me was the brief, random, yet intense intersection of the people on the scene.

At 4:30 yesterday afternoon in front of St Lukes, a cloud of bees surround three men and a woman as they carefully positioned a large cardboard box on the sidewalk. The box was crawling with bees, and the largest man is gently dust panning more bees into the box. The bees were everywhere yet no one was getting stung.

One man went to get a roll of tape, while the large man took a plastic water bottle and sprinkling the bees.

The woman explained the bees are looking for a new hive. (Editor’s Note This video of the incident tells us the queen bee was the main passenger in the cardboard box.)  The woman said she keeps bees herself, and she was smiling broadly.

She didn’t not know the fist two men, but explained that they were from Slovienia (?!) and will be taking the bees north with them as they are heading past Marin. The third man, who was at one point, he tells me, covered all over his head and chest with bees, is like me: ignorant about the business of bees. His eyes were wide with shock and thrill.

“No,” he said, “I’ve never had 50 bees crawing on me.”

The tape arrived, and people became fully relaxed and happy, and they began Instagramming pictures. A security guard from the hospital came out to thank everyone.

The men climbed in their work van with the bee box, pulled a U-turn, and were gone.

PHOTO: Miles Epstein

6 thoughts on “Bernal Neighbor Witnesses Dramatic Bee Swarm Rescue on Cesar Chavez

  1. You can host a bee hive in your backyard. There are certain conditions. You can get in touch with whoever listed on the local honey jar labels in our markets. Perhaps Bernal Beast could help you find them. Or, there are some folks that maintain hives nearby. There was senseless vandalism to some hives near Alemany Farm a few years ago, so you might have to ask around to make a connection.
    I’m a little worried about the two men who have no experience with bees. Hope they also know how to connect with the right people.

    • i am confident the two men knew exactly what they were doing. they probably have bees where they stay and will open the box next to an empty yet prepared bee hive and the bees will move right in.

      the sugar water he was sprinkling on the bees was, as i understand it, to give the bees something, literally, to eat. watch the u-tube linked in the article. the woman rescuer explains it better than i can. those bees (and all of us) are lucky the right folks showed up!!!

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