Where Should Some Bernal Bike-Sharing Stations Go?


Bike-sharing programs are supercool, but why should bike-sharing be confined to downtown? Neighbor Matte calls our attention to an opportunity to create some bicycle-sharing locations right here in Bernal Heights:

 San Francisco is getting 4,500 new shared bikes in the next couple years. Currently, Bernal’s closest station is at 7th and Townsend in SOMA, and I think we should change that.

They’re now accepting proposals for new locations and there’s currently about 13 proposed locations in Bernal up for vote.

As a resident of Santana Rancho, I’m partial to the the two proposed on Precita Park (east endwest end), but there are plenty of great options on Mission and in Cortlandia as well.

I urge Bernal residents to check out the selection process and vote to bring bike sharing to Bernal.


6 thoughts on “Where Should Some Bernal Bike-Sharing Stations Go?

  1. I have already been a regular user of BABS from the Caltrain station in Redwood City. If we could get a BABS rack on Cortland AND at 22nd St. Caltrain, my car will stay parked in my garage 90% of the time.

  2. On this I see a pronounced altitude problem. Cortland is a good 200ft above the Mission. Which is a lot of huffing and puffing for a typical itinerant bicyclist, often laden with shopping or work materials. So I can’t see an equilibrium forming where as many bikes are cranked up to Cortland (I suggest using Virginia btw, or the “Bernal chicken”—search back on this site for the route via Mullen) as coast down from it. Meaning the loss of parking spots for a perpetually empty bike rack.

    Having stations on Mission St. and Precita Park I’m all in favor of though. We could always do a kickstarter for a Bernal Alpine Gondola to carry the dismounted up and down the precipice from there.

      • Absolutely. Really lack-of-gondola is the only thing keeping SF from Rio status. Bernal would be world famous, the gondola outshining Lombard St, and tickets sold to tourists would pay for free lifts for confirmed Bernalites.

        One thing we could do meantime is work out a city partnership with The New Wheel where sharable electric bikes are available from their corral, having to be returned there to be charged, with homing devices allowing them to be collected afield if needed. Those electric bikes are the cure for Bernal topography.

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