Before Now, If You Wanted to See Bernal Heights Like This, You Had to Be a Bird



On Monday Bernalwood shared an impressive time-lapse video of Karl the Fog that was filmed from a drone flying high above Bernal Hill.

That footage was captured with a Phantom 3 drone, and it caught the attention of Neighbor Keith Karamanos from Montcalm, another Phantom 3 jockey who has also captured some gorgeous footage above Bernal Heights. Yet instead of hovering steadily in one place, Keith took his drone for a cruise across northeast Bernal Heights, and the result is some of the most stunning footage of our neighborhood we’ve ever seen.

Sure, it’s fun to pretend to “fly” over Bernal using newfangled tools like Google Earth. But thanks to today’s even more newfangled drones, it’s now possible for all of us to see the real thing in high resolution from perspectives that have never before been feasible (unless you happened to be, say, a crow or a red-tailed hawk).

So go fullscreen to watch Keith’s gorgeous new video, sit back, and take a moment to appreciate the fact that we now have the opportunity to see this place in ways that few humans ever have, ever before:

13 thoughts on “Before Now, If You Wanted to See Bernal Heights Like This, You Had to Be a Bird

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  1. Impressively long RANGE on this drone! It seems able to go very, very far from the pilot. Also, amazingly steady image in the tornado winds of Bernal.

    Very nice footage.

    PS – How is beautiful aerial imagery considered techie bullshit? Go get your joy back, dude!

  2. Great soundtrack to go along with beautiful images! Thanks for posting this – very cool

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