Recent Photography Reveals Bernal Heights Gorgeousness Hiding in Plain Sight

springtime.markus Hear that sound? That’s the sound of a reminder telling us that it’s been waaaaaaaaaay too long since we’ve shared some of the retina-sizzling Bernal Heights photography shared in the always-fashionable Bernalwood Flickr group. Here are some pictures to make your eyeballs happy, so get ready to go fullscreen on your monitor or pinch and zoom on your mobile.

The perfect springtime moment you see up above was taken by Neighbor Markus Spiering. It’s so luscious you can almost smell it.

Superstar Bernal photog Ed Brownson snapped this achingly beautiful shot of the mysterious tree shrub thingy on the east side of Bernal Hill: bernaltree.browson

Ed’s photos kick so much ass that we can’t just show one.  He also captured this hilarious canine group photo on the hill:


June snapped this shot of some Bernal branding on a car in the ‘hood:


Clifton Reed shot this magical image of the container cranes on the Southern Waterfront, as seen from Bernal Hill:


Neighbor Ben got a sublime still-life ofAndover at Ellert:


Pugawug Tiny Puna took this photo of some Bernal Hill glory:


It’s easy for Bernalese to take this view for granted, but Erin Malone’s pic reminds us that it is always spectacular:


Ultisusan snapped this timeless moment of Precita Park family zen:


Neighbor Jane Underwood always finds beauty in the subtle details of Bernal Heights, and here she found it in branches near a rooftop:


And here’s one I took back in February, when the poppies first started to pop:


And of course, whenever you capture a snap that put the Bernal sexy in your shutter, please share it with the rest of us in the Bernalwood Flickr Group.  As always, special thanks to all the amazing photographers who help us see this place in new ways.

4 thoughts on “Recent Photography Reveals Bernal Heights Gorgeousness Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. On the logo that is painted on the race car; I find it so much more appropriate to see a an outline of Sutro. The bridge is “banal.” Sutro, sets us here in Bernal apart from all the rest of the neighborhoods. It is the first thing one sees upon entering the park. If it can be seen at all. But even the forks are almost always visible on such days.

    The logo was done without much thinking/effort going into it. Someone took Bernal and then went straight for the old and overused bridge. Easy, fast and uninvolving……just like the techies recently moving here mining for gold like it.

    On second thought, now that I see it like this? It “is” perfect. So appropriate with our tragic gentrification: “banal.”

    I like it.

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