This Lovely Bernal Dog Needs a New Home


UPDATE: Neighbor Ben says Elf is on track to have a new home in Bernal Heights. *Whew!* The original post follows…

Neighbor Ben hopes to find a loving Bernal home for a sweet doggie named Elf. He explains:

Hi Bernalers.

Our sweet Bernese Mountain Dog, Elf, needs a new home and we’re hoping to find someone in Bernal to re-home her. Our 1yr old daughter has developed a very bad allergic reaction to dog dander/saliva and despite our army of air filters and efforts to segregate her from Elf, her symptoms have not improved. We’re in a state of constant vigilance trying to keep the baby from touching the dog or crawling through an area where Elf has slept… and the stress is overwhelming, and it’s not an ideal situation for Elf either. So, we’re hoping to find Elf a great home in Bernal – so that Elf stays somewhere familiar… and so that we can (ideally) take her for an occasional walk.

Elf is a sweet, gentle, 7-yr old Bernese Mountain Dog. She’s in great physical shape – no hip problems – and no other health issues. She’s on the small side for a Bernese at 70lbs. When you meet her, you’ll think she’s just a young pup because she’s full of energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity. After an initial burst of energy when you come home or someone new arrives, she quiets down and then likes to laze around the house. She’s a big fan of walks to Bernal Hill and, if you’ve got a good pocket full of treats, has amazing recall. She’s very well potty trained, doesn’t mind a stay in the crate for a few hours, is great with kids, and generally is an all around awesome dog. Her one downside is that she love to engulf socks!.. especially little kid socks. So, you’ve got to keep socks out of reach.

If you’re interested, please email xxxxxxx and let’s arrange a walk on the hill or a weekend visit for you to get to know her to see if it’s the right fit.

14 thoughts on “This Lovely Bernal Dog Needs a New Home

  1. Allergy shots can make a huge difference — my friend’s fiance was allergic to cats and so he went through the shots cycle before they moved in together (she has two kitties). He’s now completely cured of the allergy!

  2. I would look into a Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue. They could probably help them connect with people who have been on a waiting list to adopt.

  3. you might ask at Animal company on Castro they have a Burmese Mt dog and might know someone-and also Jason from Bernal might know of someone

  4. What a lovely dog! Think I’ve seen her in the neighborhood. Postings on Next Door, the Bernal Heights Parents Yahoo group, and a flyer at Bernal Beast might help find a good spot for her.

  5. Ben: sent you a private message. We have a Berner (Riley, our fourth) and live in nearby Brisbane.

  6. I hope this story has a happy ending. She looks like a sweet pup. Please keep us updated if you can.

  7. I’m glad to hear that Elf may have found a new home. Let us know if things happen to fall through. We have a 9 yr old Berner named Lucia and live 2 blocks from Bernal Hill Park. We would love to meet her and may be able to take her if Elf gets along with Lucia.

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