New Urban Agriculture Project Coming to College Hill Reservoir Site


The Examiner recently brought news that the land next to the College Hill reservoir near Holly Park will soon become the pilot site for a new urban agriculture initiative. Reporter Mike Koozmin writes:

San Francisco residents four years ago called for more urban agriculture space in The City, prompting a pilot program that is now beginning to bear fruit.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission announced Tuesday that a new garden site is expected to open this summer in Bernal Heights and another site in Crocker-Amazon could be built out late next year. A planned community garden in Bayview-Hunters Point at the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant was scrapped and instead gardening supplies were offered there and other locations.

Urban agriculture supporters in San Francisco have long looked to the SFPUC to show more leadership on the issue given its vast open-space portfolio.

Interest in the cultivation of land by residents is evident by at least one measurement. Last year, there were 750 people on a waiting list to use community gardens in the Recreation and Park Department’s portfolio. The department oversees 38 community gardens, which average about a quarter of an acre in size. It also has 33 garden plots and serves 53 gardeners. The SFPUC set timelines for when the Bernal Heights and Crocker-Amazon space will become active agriculture sites. The sites were selected in 2012 for an urban agriculture pilot program, which relates to broader issues of food security and climate change.

The College Hill Learning Garden in Bernal Heights is out for competitive bidding and is expected to become operational in the summer. In partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District, the 6,000-square-foot site will provide lessons for kindergarteners through fifth-graders. The site will include a bioinfiltration basin, rain gardens, green roofs and a composting toilet.

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5 thoughts on “New Urban Agriculture Project Coming to College Hill Reservoir Site

  1. If the point of “Urban Agriculture” (eyeroll) is to let kids and adult kids have some fun and play in the dirt, that’s great. Use a fair portion of our public space.

    But there is zero percent chance that a “composting toilet” in a public space is a good idea. STANDARD toilets in public spaces are barely a good idea.

    At some point, adults have to step in to the process…

    No. Just… No.

      • i have been lucky enough to live behind this quiet peaceful space and have many concerns, Noise,smell,drainage. Ill be at the meeting july 21st @7:30 at the bernal neighborhood center .

    • i agree !!!! i live directly behind it! I attended the meetings and when i mentioned i thought it was a bad idea , they rolled there eyes at me! i left the meeting feeling like there was nothing i could do!

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