Parked Unicycle Is Metaphor for Everything Bernal Heights.


Over the weekend, Todd Berman spotted this unicycle parked on Cortland right outside Wild Side West. In a way, this photo is a perfect metaphor for everything Bernal Heights represents. For example:

It’s a unicycle, which is an idiosyncratic way to roll.

It’s an all-terrain unicycle, because we are an all-terrain people.

It is parked outside a bar, because that’s how we party.

It has pink pedals, because we have just a touch of flair.

It is tethered to a tree, because we take security seriously.

See anything else metaphorically Bernalese in this remarkably revealing photo? Do tell.

PHOTO: Todd Berman

10 thoughts on “Parked Unicycle Is Metaphor for Everything Bernal Heights.

  1. I saw the owner of that unicycle heading west down Eugenia Street , I think he was going to turn down Virginia but I was going the other way so wasn’t sure. Impressive!

  2. The son of Judy and Judy on Andover near Richland was riding a unicycle in bernal long before the nabe was even on your “wish list” of places to live.

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