SketchCrawl Crashes Bernal Heights and Amazing Artwork Ensues



There was a SketchCrawl recently in Bernal Heights.

What’s a SketchCrawl?

A SketchCrawl is kind of like a marathon flash mob for visual artists. The idea is that someone picks a location and a date —  SketchCrawls happen all over the world — and then you beat the cyber-drums to get a whole bunch of artists to descend on a place, all at once. Then, the creative muse takes over.

On a warm Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015, the 46th Worldwide StechCrawl happened, and it happened in Bernal Heights. It seems that many of the artists who participated had never visited Bernal Heights, but they really liked it as a source of inspiration. A sample:

We had the best day for the 46th Sketchcrawl.
The views from the top of Bernal Hill were fabulous.
Combining the views, sketching and 70+ degree weather created a day to remember!


Here’s one from artist Jana Buoc:


Ceiny Carney shared this one via the Bernalwood Facebook group:


TOP IMAGES: Gary via SketchCrawl forums. Wow!

4 thoughts on “SketchCrawl Crashes Bernal Heights and Amazing Artwork Ensues

  1. What a great idea! Congrats to all who participated! I do notice, though, that no one put in the castle on top of the hill. There really should be one there–it’s the most natural setting in the world for a really nice castle. Nothing too extravagant, of course–I mean, it is Bernal, but a nice Medieval one, with a few sheep wandering down the hill, etc.

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