UPDATED: Trees Down! Windy Storm Validates Newtonian Physics in Bernal Heights


The Bernalwood Heavy Weather Operations Center has been activated, and we are receiving multiple reports of Trees Down in Bernal Heights because of today’s high winds and rain.

Reporter Lyanne from the Action (Action… Action…) ABC7 News team shared a #superawesome #tweetreport from Crescent about an unfortunate Tree/PG&E encounter.


Neighbor Rob also shared a video with us. He writes:

Recorded this from a few doors down from my house between Cortland and Prospect. The street is covered with branches too. Yikes! Nobody was hurt and luckily no car was parked there too. Cheers!

Lets go to Neighbor Rob, who brings you this on-the-scene iPhone report:

The winds are a-blowin’ and wooden things are a-fallin’. Please be extra careful out there, citizens.

At 2:57 pm today, Neighbor Judy sent this dramatic photo from Folsom near Ripley:


She writes:

So windy: Auntie Em! Auntie Em!
Hope you’re all warm. & dry!

6:05 pm and there’s a very big tree down in Precita Park:

That tree down in Precita Park is a big one, and it’s in the southwest corner of the park near Folsom, right in front of Hillside Supper Club. Neighbor Merin shared these photos:



6 thoughts on “UPDATED: Trees Down! Windy Storm Validates Newtonian Physics in Bernal Heights

  1. I drove by the Precita Park tree this morning with my kids to take some pictures. Sadly there was a pair of very pretty doves sitting on the trunk together and not wanting to leave the tree, ostensibily because they had a nest somewhere within…

  2. The power outage Friday night just south of the Park may not be related to the storm, but it’s an interesting coincidence that a 4000 volt primary underground electric feed shorted out between Treat and Harrison on Precita. PGE has been working all day on replacing the primary feed cable; all the way from the pole on Harrison where it goes underground to the pole on Treat where it comes up from above ground.

    The PG&E guy tole me that the underground cables on Precita were from the 60s and that was right when they stopped using lead-sheathed cables, and that those 60s cables’ insulation can degrade and cause what happened. This is why they’re replacing the whole length of cable rather than just fix the damaged section.

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  4. Any word on whether or when the city will repair the broken lamp post? It’s been broken for 18 months.

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