View from Bernal Window Picked for Andrew Sullivan’s “View From Your Window”


Famous ur-blogger Andrew Sullivan has a recurring feature on his famous blog, which he calls “The View From Your Window.”  That’s where readers of the blog share beautiful pictures taken from windows all over the world.

Yesterday, Neighbor Dan’s gorgeous view from Bernal Heights made the cut:


Neighbor Dan says:

A pic that I took out the window of my Montezuma Street living room, over morning coffee, made it to Andrew Sullivan’s View From Your Window this afternoon. It was one of those unusual winter mornings in which fog was blowing into the Mission from the east, rather than the usual fog from the west that comes in in the evening. The fog burned off by 8 am, so this was an ephemeral sight.

The window that pic was taken from is visible on the Bernalwood blog cover pic– it’s the brown rectangle down and to the left of the B in Bernalwood.

Nifty! Here’s the View of the Window Where Neighbor Dan Shared the View From His Window:


7 thoughts on “View from Bernal Window Picked for Andrew Sullivan’s “View From Your Window”

  1. You know, just once I’d like to actually see that BERNALWOOD sign put up on in the hill. If only in cheap cardboard, and for a day or two.

  2. Hi Neighbor Dan, I remember that view very well from when i lived on Montezuma. I lived at #64, just a few doors west of you. I would sit in my living room gazing at that view for hours. The windows of the Marriott Hotel, which were less obscured by other tall buildings when I lived there from 94-00, reflected the sunset, turning orange, green, purple, or pink depending on the conditions. It was a natural light show! We have since moved to the other side of the hill and although I love living on the south slope, I do miss that fabulous view.
    PS Our former house is also visible in the Bernalwood masthead photo–it is the brown house to the west of the red house on Montezuma.

  3. Hello neighbor! I’ve lived on Montezuma since 1995, and I never get tired of the ever changing sky, the fog rolling in, and the reflections off the windows downtown at sunset.

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