Awesome Volunteers Help Make City-Owned Land Look Gorgeous Again




Remember the volunteer work party that joined forces with the San Francisco Department of Public Works last Saturday to spiffify that (formerly) neglected City-owned lot on Ellsworth at Bernal Heights Boulevard?

By all accounts, the effort was a big success. Neighbor John sent this note to Jerad Weiner, DPW’s community liaison, to celebrate the glorious collaboration:


Many thanks for the email and for working with us to fluff the garden. It looks 1,000 percent better already! I am going up tomorrow morning to finish smoothing the mulch out and doing a little more pruning. The birds have never been so happy – there were many of them alighting on the fresh mulch.

Other than that, the project is a complete success. Thanks to DPW for the chips and for hauling away the debris. And thanks to you for your help – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Bravo, Citizens! Bravo DPW! Way to take charge, take names, and look sexy while getting it done.

PHOTOS: Top two, John Blacburn. Bottom, John Cremer. With thanks from Bernalwood

13 thoughts on “Awesome Volunteers Help Make City-Owned Land Look Gorgeous Again

  1. Yes!! Thanks to all of you for working so hard. Too bad there weren’t more people helping out,especially the people living close by there.

  2. This is awesome. How do we get this type of help on the stairs between Nevada and Putnam that many neighbors take to the Farmer’s Market?

  3. I didn’t realize that it was city owned. That lot was a mess and now it is beautful. Thanks so much to all the volunteers!

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