Your Bernal Heights Crime Update for January 2015: Robberies, Burglaries, and Car Break-Ins Increase


And now, a quick update on Ingleside Precinct crime patterns, courtesy of Neighbor Sarah, our valiant SFPD liaison:

We had our monthly Community Police Advisory Board meeting on Monday night January 13, and I thought I would pass along a short note on crime trends.

  • Over holidays, auto boosts (break-ins), burglaries, robberies all up
  • Robberies have continued into January. One crew working Baden/Circular area, 9:30pm-12am (also Day, 30th/Mission, Russia/Madrid). They are following people walking alone, off of main drags. Often target Latinos or Asians walking alone – theory is that robbers may think they are vulnerable or unlikely to report.
  • Made an arrest in burglary ring.
  • Advice: keep phones hidden on MUNI. Watch who gets off the bus with you.
  • Cesar Chavez & Harrison robbery – 3 Latino males driving an SUV. Different profile from crew mentioned above, not yet connected to other Ingleside District robberies.

Many of the robberies have involved guns. Please continue to be aware of your surroundings and avoid having your electronics or other valuables visible.

Likewise, please remember to be an alert bystander – keep an eye out for your neighbors and others.

It also makes a big difference if we all leave our porch lights on overnight to help light up Bernal’s dark sidewalks.

PHOTO: Sara Bassett

9 thoughts on “Your Bernal Heights Crime Update for January 2015: Robberies, Burglaries, and Car Break-Ins Increase

  1. I had a burglary her at 67 Coleridge on Nov. 4. The thief took a silver and amber ring. The police have identified him through fingerprints left in my apartment, and an arrest is pending.

    • They dusted for fingerprints for (2) stolen rings?? Wow, that is great they have the lead and the evidence for arrest, but I thought they only did that CSI stuff when somebody was killed or injured severely.

    • Tom, did they break into your house while you weren’t there? We live on Coleridge. Curious that if they had access to your house they’d just take a few rings though? Sucks regardless, but wondering what happened.

  2. I just want to clarify something here that I often see in the reporting of crime. A “robbery” involves a theft of an item from a person. A “burglary” involves the theft of an item when there is no person involved. Thus, taking something off someone’s front porch or out of their car is a burglary, NOT a robbery. Burglaries and robberies are treated differently because a robbery involves the possible harming of a person.

  3. Thank you so much Sarah !!! We all appreciate your helpful advice. We sometimes can get too relaxed,when we leave our houses. It sure helps to have a person like you reminding us to be more ALERT. Thanks again

  4. Yes thanks for the notes. Was there a description of the perps? If they publicize the description people with drop cams etc. might notice them and give PD footage.

  5. @Tom – since this is right down the street from me, I’m obviously troubled to here about the burglary at your house. Had this person been casing it or do the police think it was a crime of opportunity? I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in some obviously strung out people hanging around the Mini Park as of late.

  6. Sarah- Would like to connect with you about a matter related to a neighborhood issue.
    How can I do that? You are welocme to email me.
    Thanks- Eugenie

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