Fancy Boot Workshop and Store Opens in La Lengua



There’s a new shoemaker in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone: Beneduci Shoemakers just opened up an honest-to-goodness boot factory and store on the corner of San Jose and 30th Street.

To be sure, Beneduci’s is far more Milan than Brothers Grimm. The designs are gorgeous, owner  Frank Beneduci’s workmanship is world-class, and the prices… well, the prices are probably a bit steep for forest elves. In 2013, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote:

The grandson of an Italian-born craftsman, Beneduci, 48, went to Milan to study with master cobblers to satisfy his desire to “create something tangible.”

“My aesthetic is informed by two things,” said Beneduci, “U.S.-made boot machinery and Italian pattern-making and manufacturing techniques. Both are completely different disciplines, but I have managed to merge them into something that works.”

Beneduci shoes have a foot in both lands. The hardy boots may have American workwear leanings but are far more refined, in both design and materials, than anything you’d wear to clean a flooded basement.

Former Neighbor Renee, who just moved to Pacifica after 10 years on Nevada Street, tells us she loves her Beneducis:

I do own a pair of Beneduci boots that Frank made for me before the store opened. I love them. I’ve never owned a pair of handcrafted shoes or boots; these feel amazing. It’s not hyperbole when I say I can walk miles in them all over the city. Frank is so passionate about bringing meticulous craftsmanship to San Francisco, and he delivers it in such a down-to-earth way. The store is beautiful and welcoming—you really can go in and see all the equipment and the shoes being made. It’s a great addition to Bernal.

I’m attaching a photo of me in my boots at the end of the day.


Beneduci Shoemakers is open Tuesday -Wednesday by appointment, Thursday – Saturday 11-7pm Closed Sunday and Monday. Here’s a video introduction:

PHOTO: Top, Beneduci Shoes via Facebook. Interior photo by Ted Weinstein. Boots by Renee.

9 thoughts on “Fancy Boot Workshop and Store Opens in La Lengua

  1. Frank is a great guy and his boots and shoes are amazing. So happy to see this store open up in the hood! Now I gotta save up for some…

  2. Welcome to our humble ‘hood Frankie Beneduci! May you find much success here and may many Bernal-dwelling shoe fanatics soon don your soles!

  3. I noticed that store the other day. it looks great! I was surprised, though, because there’s another shoemaker on Church between Day and 30th. That person does very different work but still I thought it was notable that two custom shoemakers are situated so close together.

  4. You can’t walk into that other shoe store for $300.
    I got a simple pair of black suede Beneduci’s before the store got redone and opened. They are snug, comfy and get comments wherever I wear them. Nice!!

  5. I live directly across the street from this place. I have yet to see a single customer inside the store.

    This is another store that that seems to be indicative of the trend this neighborhood has taken in the 8 years I have lived here. Interesting.

  6. They did a beautiful job with that building ! Looks so much better than it has in years ! I bet the shoes are just as beautiful !

  7. I’m still a little bitter Pacific Wushu had to leave that space, where lots of neighborhood kids and adults enjoyed martial arts classes for years. Now I drive my daughter to West Portal, where Pacific Wushu found another space, thankfully, so she can continue taking classes. Can’t say me and my freakishly high arches wouldn’t appreciate a pair of custom-made boots though.

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