Music, Celebrities, and Hot Fashions at 2014 Cortland Holiday Stroll


The Bernalwood Action News Team was on Cortland last night for the 2014 Holiday Stroll, and in addition to all the seasonal mirth and good cheer, the whole thing was just ridiculously glamorous. The sidewalks were filled with music and cheerful crowds of Bernalese, and we even documented a Star Sighting:


Yes, that’s Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter posing with our new(ish) SFPD Ingleside Station captain, Joseph McFadden!

We noticed that the fashion-forward set was out in force as well. This stylish stroll-goer handily won the award for Bernalwood’s Most Chic Hat of 2014:


The only thing that could possibly top that next year would be to see someone walking down Cortland in one of those awesome plastic helmets Emilo Pucci designed for Braniff Airlines.

But we digress. More importantly, how was your 2014 Holiday Stroll?

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7 thoughts on “Music, Celebrities, and Hot Fashions at 2014 Cortland Holiday Stroll

  1. This was a lot of fun. I am an artist in the neighborhood and was wondering how all the artists displaying work in various sites got those gigs? Anyone have contact / info so I can pursue this for next year?

  2. Thanks Todd! Erin, or any other Bernal artists- if you are interested in showing at the next Bernal stroll please send an email to I’ll send you the link to the application set up for the next stroll, once available. Thanks! Alex

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