Ghost of Steve Jobs Saves Building from Fallen Bernal Tree



Compounding the chaos of this week’s storm, a tree fell yesterday on Peralta just south of Cortland. Previously, the tree had stood next to the “iPad House” — the venerable old house hidden behind the Apple billboard you see as you cross over Cortland on US101 south.

Well, yesterday the tree fell down, but the fall was arrested by the Apple billboard, preventing more serious damage to the structures below.  Neighbor Darcy was on the scene, and she filed an immediate report from her, uh, iPhone:

Storm news! Tree falls down, only thing holding up is the Apple billboard!

Of course, it wasn’t merely the Apple billboard that arrested the trees fall. Bernalwood’s sources tell us it was the ghost of Steve Jobs himself that reached into our world from the next to protect lives and property from harm. Extra Bonus: No appointment at the Genius Bar required!

So thank you, Ghost of Steve Jobs, for saving Bernal Heights from the falling tree.

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  1. Jobs never would have signed off on that giant iPhone, so I think Tim Cook deserves the credit for the save here.

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