Bernal Skyspotters Confirm Intense Rainbow Strikes in Downtown San Francisco


The rest of the world may be chaotic and menacing, but Sunday’s on-and-off rainstorms interspersed with periods of sunshine resulted in a Category Two Rainbow Warning for all of Bernal Heights.

Scientists from the Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility were on duty in the likely event that a rainbow might touch down in our area:


Sure enough, at around 11:30 am Bernal Heights neighbor and celebrity sci-fi writer M. Luke McDonell documented the above, a confirmed Full-Arc Rainbow, as seen from her Precitaville observation post. Based on the observed prismatic trajectories, Bernalwood estimates that residents of Duboce Triangle and China Basin may have experienced rainbow-induced euphoria as a result.

Neighbor Kendall documented a direct hit on Rincon Hill’s Ionic Breeze Tower:


Moments later, @xtraslky provided further data:


She wondered:

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.00.45 PM

Yup, that’s confirmed.

UPDATE: Via MissionMission, we find this terrific photo by woolfshirt that shows Bernal Heights positioned strategically beneath Sunday’s rainbow barrage. As all armchair rainbow-watchers know, this positioning is ideal to maximize the positive effects of Rainbow Energy throughout the entire Dominion of Bernalwood:


PHOTOS: Top, M. Luke McDonell. Below, @xtraslky.

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