The Last Woof: Precita Bark Has Closed For Good


Despite some initial excitement and a previous, temporary closure that was intended to revitalize the business, it looks like Precita Bark, the salon-style dog washery on the eastern end of Precita Park at Alabama, has closed for good, as the signage and interior fixtures have been removed.

Dog owners, please share your postmortems.

No word yet on what might come next to this historic corner store location. This is a sweet spot across from the playground and the Precita Park Cafe, however, so in the right hands it could be an innnnnteresting opportunity to further activate the joyfully reactivated Precita Park ecosystem.

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28 thoughts on “The Last Woof: Precita Bark Has Closed For Good

  1. I really wanted this place to succeed, but their groomer had such an erratic schedule so after a few times missing her it was easier to just go to Petco 😦

    • Same experience as Joe. I stopped by here several times, willing to throw down some cash for my pooch, but alas, no one was in the store and the door was locked despite it being well during the listed business hours. I reluctantly took my dog, and by business, elsewhere… It’s a shame, because I really want to support local Bernal businesses, but it makes it impossible to do so when they are never open during stated business hours…

      I’d love a good to-go sandwich spot; or better yet, a cool after-work bar scene. It’s a bit of a schlep over to Holy Water for this North Bernal guy, so a cool vibey bar would be a welcome addition on this side of the hill (though, I say this having lived above a bar before, so I would hope that to the extent there is an apartment upstairs, some generous soundproofing would be utilized).

  2. PS it should be replaced by a take-out place…burgers as well as healthy sandwiches. Perfect for park picnics.

  3. I walked by there wih my dog a few times and I felt that 15$ for a self service dog wash was too rich for my blood (and my small pug).
    They really had no merchandise for sale and I think that’s where your money comes from in this business. It could have been a nice in between pet shop in addition to Bernal Beast and Mission Critter.
    I agree with Joe, a nice sandwich shop that sells prepared and to order foods, chips, drinks etc. Making sure not to step on the wonderful Harvest Market’s toes. 😉

  4. Too bad it didn’t work out for Lora, the original owner. She was very good.
    I in the meantime am using the mobile dog groomer DOGGYLICIOUS. Nina is great. But $40 for my Chihuahua. Its all about convenience.

  5. A cool restaurant or bar would be awesome. There is so little around here.

    BTW, whatever happened to the supposed wine bar at the other end of the park on Folsom, the former cafe that has had its metal door rolled down for years?

  6. I went there on Sat. and was disappointed to find that the store was being taken apart. But I agree with some of the other commenters that the groomer was rarely available, and it was hard to get a call back if you left a message. The guys taking the store apart on Sat. suggested I go to the K9 Scrub Club on 29th and Church, and I was willing to cross the La Lengua DMZ to clean my dirty dog. It was a good experience – larger facilities, very helpful staff, good service all around.

  7. Precita Park is a TOUGH place to do business. When Charlie Harb took over the cafe that is now Charlie’s Cafe, it took him YEARS to turn a profit. If he wasn’t an architect with side work he wouldn’t have survived. His food is excellent, reasonably priced, and his helpers are friendly and fast. Putting a sandwich shop in the dog place would be a serious mistake for any entrepreneur. I’m really surprised that the Precita Park Cafe has managed to stay in business, but their other two cafes (Dolores Park and Duboce Park) probably are throwing off enough money to sustain Precita because I never see more than a couple people in there at any time.

    Precita Park is a very weird place given that intuition would tell us that a commercial strip ringing a park full of people would be a no-brainer success. I don’t know how Cozzolino’s Italian restaurant held on for so many years, either.

    In the case of t he dog storefront, I’m at a loss as to think of anything that could be successful there except a marijuana dispensary, and you definitely don’t want one of those around.

    • You must be off-cycle at PPC. They do a brisk trade every day. They’ve even managed to get on the radar for dinner, and they seem well attended for that now, too.

      Given that PPC sells burgers, sandwiches, sweets, beer, and coffee, I’m not sure how much of a niche is left for another food vendor at that intersection.

      • Not only is PPC doing brisk business, you can expect at least 20 minutes wait for a grilled cheese sandwich. Even though they do sell burgers there, another burger place that could really shuttle the food out the door quickly would be welcome.

    • “except a marijuana dispensary, and you definitely don’t want one of those around.”

      People keep complaining about dispensaries being located in their neighborhood, but I honestly don’t see a lot of chaos associated with places like the Apothecarium – and definitely less than I’d see with, say, a bar. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  8. It would be wonderful to have something different from the other businesses that line the park. We have 2 sandwich shops, 2 businesses that serve pasta dishes. It would be great to have something that caters to children and families. In a perfect world someone will put in a Yoga studio

  9. There would probably be licensing problems with having one in that location, but I’d really love a neighborhood bar closer than 24th street.

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  11. Too bad, because the self doggy wash was pretty nice. Only went once but planned to go back this weekend as fate would have it (actually went 3 or 4 times, during business hours, and for some odd reason it was closed and no signage and business voicemail wasn’t changed so I was rather frustrated).

  12. We called on this space for an Ice cream shop. They want well over $4 a sq ft. for 500 sq ft of retail and 400 storage, $3800 a month. If you look at it as mainly retail it’s almost $6. It would be hard to turn a profit without the high foot traffic that usually goes with those high rental rates. Most people would just chose Union, Valencia or somewhere near a BART station to get more customers per hour.

  13. I was sorry to see that Lora couldn’t make a go of it, but thanks, David Kaye and Michael, for the helpful context.

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