Starting Tonight: Vigils and March to Remember Alex Nieto


Friends and family of Alex Nieto have organized a series events, starting today and culminating tomorrow, to honor the young Bernal resident who was killed in an officer-involved shooting on March 24.

Adriana from Justice for Alex Nieto wrote to Bernalwood to extend an invitation:

The Justice & Love for Alex Nieto Committee invites Bernal Heights to come support their neighbors The Nieto Family at the following events that will take place tomorrow Thursday and Friday at the Alex Nieto Memorial, on the north slope of Bernal Hill:

  • Thursday Aug. 21st, 7PM-Midnight: Sunset Vigil on Alex’s 5th month anniversary of killing by SFPD (ceremony, poets, musicians, speakers)
  • Friday Aug. 22nd, 5AM-7AM: Sunset Ceremony (danzantes, Buddhist Mesha Irizarry, mother of Idriss Stelley, killed by SFPD in 2001, will lead us in calling the names of those killed by SFPD in past decades)
  • Friday Aug. 22nd at 12 Noon: Alex Rises! March for Civil Rights against Police Killings! (Starting from Alex Nieto Memorial on Bernal Hill)

Additional details at the Justice for Alex Nieto website, and the poster below:


PHOTO: Top, Alex Nieto memorial on Bernal Hill, this morning August 5, 2014 at 8:22 am, by Telstar Logistics

19 thoughts on “Starting Tonight: Vigils and March to Remember Alex Nieto

    • And so it goes. But as it happens, I think a lot of people also lost confidence in local public institutions when a friend of theirs got killed by police under somewhat questionable circumstances with no apparent repercussions.

    • Do you really want to live in a sterile boring world, where all public expression occurs within tightly delimited bounds? There are plenty of counties that might be more to your liking.

  1. No thanks. You see, I’m one of those weird people who thinks facts and statistics actually matter when it comes to police shootings. Civil-rights activists HATE me.

    • It is provocative, and behavior that it is the epitome of being a bad neighbor. I thought this site was about community? Why was I not allowed to express my earlier opinion that banging a drum, indeed, having a full on drum ceremony, as I walked up there to see what on earth was going on, on the path atop the north slope of Bernal is a punk thing to do? Or provocative? or perhaps in keeping with the whole sad story? Sorry you disagreed with the harshness of my earlier post. But we were awakened by the very loud noise of the banging drum at 5 a.m. carrying down the hill. These folks obviously don’t care one bit about this community.

    • I live up on the hill, not far from the memorial spot. I was woken up by the drumming this morning too. I couldn’t figure out at first what it was, and what it meant that someone was making that kind of noise so early in the morning.

      Then, half asleep, I figured it out. And I was thankful for being reminded that a young neighbor of ours was killed on our hill, that his family and friends are hurting, and that there is still much work to be done to overcome racism in society.

  2. My roommate asked me if I heard the neighbors playing drums at 5 this morning (we have a band nextdoor, but they’re relatively quiet). NOW WE KNOW. We live off Mullen by the highway. That was simply too loud. Your “protest” means nothing if I think it’s just rude neighbors to the left of me. Unfortunately, it was rude neighbors to the right of me.

  3. Whoa. Racism? The guy was brandishing a weapon. Racism exists in this country and we are seeing that daily in Ferguson, MO. But this case? Unless you were there racism is not a fair thing to say. As for the drumming at 5 am?!!!!!??? Yes, very inconsiderate stuff. It wasn’t even where the incident occurred. They seemingly picked a place that would carry noise the most. Very rude. Also, I picked up a lit cigarette the was thrown into the grass on the side of Bernal Hill by one of the participants this morning. It could have easily set the very dry hill grass on fire. Do not act like those folks care about Bernal. They don’t.

    • It is not proved that racism was a factor in Alex’s killing by police agents who shot multiple bullets into him even though he could not have fired at them (since the work-required “weapon” he may or may not have been “brandishing” did not fire bullets). The racism still needing to be overcome in society that I was reminded about by the drumming was racism evidenced by the vandalism to his memorial, and by some comments on this blog.

  4. Mr. Nieto’s death was a terrible tragedy and his family deserves sympathy and support. But, as it so often happens, his death has been co-opted by people with an agenda.

    Before the facts are known (to the extent they can be), it is JUST AS WRONG, to state that Mr. Nieto’s death was a civil rights violation as it is to state that it wasn’t.

    If you automatically call every officer-involved shooting a Civil Rights Violation, it wears out the public’s supply of outrage at real corruption, including this case, if it turns out to be so.

    This is not time for professionally angry protesters with agendas. Can we please just feel grief at a tragedy, guietly ensure that the investigation is open and thorough, and support the family?

    If you already “know” the cops acted wrongly, you should stay the hell out of it. You aren’t credible. You aren’t respectful. You aren’t righteous. You aren’t helping. You are the Boy Who Cried Wolf. You cheapen the word “Justice.”

    • The article you linked says it was the other way around, with the police chief killed by the young Latin male. What am I missing?

    • These sweeping generalizations are what continues to divide us. So much to the point where even an article, such as the one referenced above, clearly states who was killed, is perceived as something different. Who will rise above it? “Us or them”? Our society will spiral downward if this keeps up. The ability to ascertain between true racism, true civil rights violations, true police brutality, true crime and tragic accidents shouldn’t be so hard…knee jerk reactions don’t help ANYONE, and keep us from being able to truly improve our societal ills.

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