Sexy Bernal Sweatshirt Hoodies For Sale to Support Final Phase of Library Art Project




The Bernal Library Art Project is entering its final phase.

After all the controversy, and the delicate mediation, and the hard-earned consensus, and the installation of new artwork on the library’s Cortland and Moultrie facades, work is now underway to complete the art on the rear, playground-facing side of the library. Scaffolding is up, and artist Johanna Poethig is working on her clever tile mosaic/mural, which incorporates vintage photographs shared by Bernal neighbors. (You can see some in-progress snaps above.)

All that remains is just a little more fundraising. And for that, the esteemed Bernalese who have spearheaded the Library Art Project invite you to purchase one of their rather fashionable sweatshirt hoodies, each of which includes a cameo by Bernal’s own celebrity icon, Sutrito Tower:


Here’s the pitch from the Library Art Project team:

Phase 2 of the Bernal Library Art Project is scheduled for completion this fall. Scaffolding is up on the back of the library to paint and prepare the wall for installation of the amazing glass and ceramic tile mural that Johanna Poethig has designed for this space.

So, even though the mural is going up, the funding is not complete. Our current, and perhaps final, fund raising effort is this terrific Bernal Heights sweatshirt hoodie. Please note:

  • The copyrighted image by Reuben Rude will not be duplicated in the future!
  • Supplies are limited!
  • They are available in sizes from XL to XS.
  • Hoodies are for purchase at Heartfelt for $45
  • All proceeds above cost support Phase 2 of the Bernal Lilbrary Art Project.

Although lightweight, it’s warm and super comfy and looks really cool. Don’t wait or you may miss the opportunity to own this Bernal Heights collectible!

PHOTOS: via the Bernal Library Art Project Facebook page.

15 thoughts on “Sexy Bernal Sweatshirt Hoodies For Sale to Support Final Phase of Library Art Project

    • I was just going to say this. I found a T-shirt with this design at Goodwill and it’s one of my favorites. I wish they were selling more shirts; I don’t really wear hoodies. (They make me look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Woman.)

  1. Are they raising more money to install binoculars in the playground so that we can actually see these minuscule vintage photos?

  2. Thanks, Bernalwood! And, if anyone is learning more about that delicate mediation, you can pick up Beth Roy’s book, “The Bernal Story”, also at Heartfelt!

  3. Are there women’s cut hoodies available? You know, so we don’t look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Woman.

    • They are fairly slim-fitting, and the fabric isn’t bulky. Pop over to Heartfelt and give one a try!

  4. these are not marshmallow hoodies and not the American Apparel made for young flowers either
    they are perfect! and woot woot re Reuben Rude letting us use his graphics!

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