Failed Fire Hydrant Creates Huge Waterspout on Bayshore


There was drama, excitement, and significant wetness yesterday afternoon as a fire hydrant on the corner of Bayshore and Cortland transformed itself into a huge waterspout.

Bernal Alumni Noah shared this report (and a very satisfying video) shortly before City officials arrived on the scene:

Was picking up our daughter at gymnastics and saw this. This was approx 3:07 pm at bayshore and cortland.

Let’s roll Noah’s video:

MEDIA: Photo, courtesy of Wanda. Video, courtesy of Alumni Neighbor Noah

8 thoughts on “Failed Fire Hydrant Creates Huge Waterspout on Bayshore

  1. We’re in a drought. Communities are rationing water. This, and the one near UCLA, makes me feel sick. I know you all get your water from Hetch Hetchy, but what will happen if the snows stop and the reservoir goes dry?

    • You do realize that it was an accident, yes? Low pressure hydrants are on risers made of weaker iron. When a vehicle hits one, the riser breaks rather than the hydrant. Each hydrant has a shutoff in the street.

      Although cars hit hydrants fairly regularly, and the geysers can be MUCH more spectacular than this one, the amount of water that flows from a broken hydrant is a tiny fraction of a fraction of a percent of water use.

      So please don’t be sick. 🙂

      • Speaking of Hilton St. How is the Hilton St. troll allowed to just setup a campsite at Hilton and Cortland without the 1,000’s of SPFD that pass by doing anything? Isn’t this person loitering? Unlawful camping?

      • Well, if you wake up one day feeling like: 1) your stress levels are way too low, 2) you have 22 hours free time on your hands every day for the rest of your life, and 3) “Game of Thrones” doesn’t fill your weekly quota of bloodshed and scheming, you should DEFFFFINTELY wade into the issue of homelessness in SF…

        I hear the staff who monitor padded rooms are much gentler these days. 🙂

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