Here Is Your Official 2014 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale Treasure Map


Are you ready, Bernal Heights detritivores treasure-hunters?

It’s time to put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes, stuff your pockets with wads of petty cash, and load up the bootlegged copy of that UPS route-optimization software you downloaded from a sketchy Russian website. The 2014 Bernal Hillwide Garage Sale happens this Saturday, so it’s time to map out your plan of attack!

Neighbor and Organizer Michael Minson brings the pre-sale update:

The Bernal Heights Hillwide, quite possibly San Francisco’s largest single day neighborhood garage sale, is THIS SATURDAY, 9-August from 9a-3p.

As of today, we have 73 houses registered to sell their bric-a-brac, tschotskis, and various accouterments of homebound leisure. And we’ve raised over $1,000 for the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center in the process, too!

Sellers are encouraged to promote their sale on Craigslist as well as Twitter and Instagram using #Hillwide2014.

To check out who’s got what for sale, visit the official 2014 Hillwide Garage Sale map, bookmark it on your mobile gadget, and check your social media pages.

If anyone in Bernal hasn’t registered their house on the map and wants to make it rain cash money on Saturday, there’s still time! Register right now to get on the map.


5 thoughts on “Here Is Your Official 2014 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale Treasure Map

  1. Thanks Todd! We now have 81 houses registered. We’re promoting the Hillwide on Craigslist, SF Fun Cheap, and social media. Residents help us get the word out! Tell all your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest friends to come up to the Hill this weekend!

  2. Hi Everyone – just a quick update that we have over 103 houses registered for the Hillwide tomorrow. That’s a BERNAL RECORD! Last year we had 96 houses and raised $1,200 for the BHNC. We’ve raised well over $1,300 and we still have one more day to go. If you have a garage sale and have not registered, please donate to the BHNC – it’s a fabulous org that does great work for our community.

  3. Michael Minson — for future years, a printable map would be really useful. I couldn’t figure out a way to print the map on your website, and the map was incredibly slow to load on my (Android) phone and so was not useful while I was walking around the ‘hood. I would have gone to more yard sales if I had had a map.

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