Bizarre Concrete Creatures Emerge from Cortland Sidewalks



Neighbor Ned observed a bizarre invasion by concrete-based life forms on Cortland:

They’re bubbling up out of the sidewalk! Just noticed this cute 3D sidewalk graffiti while walking Cortland yesterday… Keep your eyes peeled & watch your step!

Here are a few more:



PHOTOS: Neighbor Ned

12 thoughts on “Bizarre Concrete Creatures Emerge from Cortland Sidewalks

  1. Kill joy alert – hard to tell from the photos, but hopefully they are tucked out of the way of pedestrians, dog paws, tipsy folk…not that the ridiculous tree trunks cracks are any less hazardous…

    • They are actually cast and made of plaster I believe. They are quite light but painted to look darker. Got one in my backyard!

  2. These are great…would love to have an encounter with one of these whimsical sculptures. Haven’t seen any in the area around Farmer’s Market (hint-hint.)

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  4. This is the sort of thing that keeps it “a cultural city.” Quirkiness. It’s the polar opposite of the “Vista Pointe Garden” sign, with its anglophile spare “e” and loopy cursive lettering that’s more befitting of a walk-on-golfing assisted community in San Diego. Though I do appreciate the garden itself.

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