Kickstarter Campaign Underway for New Red Hill Station Oyster Bar on Cortland


When the new Red Hill Station oyster and seafood bar opens, it will be exciting new addition to the Cortlandia culinary ecosystem. In the meantime, though, co-founders (and Bernal neighbors) Amy and Taylor are doing the contemporary fundraising thing by holding a Kickstarter campaign:

We are Amy Reticker and Taylor Pedersen of Red Hill Station and we’re opening a restaurant in our neighborhood because Bernal Heights needs Oysters. We’ve signed the lease, begun renovations, and have a target opening date in June!

We have a $20k budget gap we need to close. With the help of Kickstarter, and you, I think we can make our funding goal, and our opening day in June.

I can’t wait to cook delicious seafood that would make my Sicilian grandmother proud.

38 thoughts on “Kickstarter Campaign Underway for New Red Hill Station Oyster Bar on Cortland

    • Ditto. I am hoping it will not be too expensive, or it will be a once a year place for me.
      Here’s to entrees under $20 and $1 oyster happy hours!!!

  1. Very excited about this. Also holding out hope for a $1/oyster happy hour at least a couple days a week. That would be both excellent and dangerous to my wallet.

  2. The restaurant sounds lovely but don’t get it. I’m supposed to donate money to a for-profit restaurant?

    • Maybe I just don’t understand the kick-starter concept. I thought it was a venture capital model. Do I get shares or something?

      • Greg: Kickstarter operates for many different types of projects, both not-for-profit and for profit. Businesses and individuals have used it to fund thousands and thousands of efforts. The point is for the community at large to help give a kick-start to the project. It is not a share-ownership venture capital model, however if you choose to back the project you can get different Rewards.

      • No shares, but you might get a t-shirt. Unfortunately I never received my t-shirt from the Kickstarter for the parklet in front of 903, since they closed soon after the t-shirts were ready for pickup….

      • At least the rewards look reasonable for this one. You can’t say that for all of these types of campaigns.

      • I guess its really more of a “pre-sales” thing. You loan the enterprise cash and they promise to deliver goods of more-or-less equivalent value to you “investment”. Since the premiums seem pretty close to the value of the investment, it would seem like quite a bit of work for the entrepreneur to keep track of al this. Although . . . it seems like a marketing strategy that may have benefits that outweigh that “capital” coming into the company.

      • I agree. Let’s just call it “urban begging” for my private business. So, what’s so hard about just borrowing the last $20k from your bank and funding your business? Oh, wait. That’s too hard.

    • Little Bee bakery used kickstarter to open in the hood, then closed their doors on Halloween. Slightly off topic but that still bugs me.

      • No, they were inside Little Bee cleaning up, doors locked, not participating in our annual “open your doors to the neighborhood kids” Halloween extravaganza. But thanks for the funds, Bernal! My kids now boycott that place.

      • good god, lighten up. They’ve been open less than a year, perhaps they didn’t know how important it was to your precious children.

      • They are an awesome business with a very sweet owner going out on her own. I’m happy to support her.

      • Justin sayin: wow do you hold a grudge! or maybe that is your way to keep your kids from getting some sweet treats? Anyways you are missing out. The Little Bee Bakery is a wonderful spot and everyone that works there is super-super nice and friendly, and they make some of the tastiest treats around. They have incredible gluten-free brownies, awesome cookies & macaroons. They make amazing tarts, especially the chocolate tarts are so delicious. The cupcakes are fantastic

    • @Noemonkey
      Your statement, “I agree. Let’s just call it “urban begging” for my private business. So, what’s so hard about just borrowing the last $20k from your bank and funding your business? Oh, wait. That’s too hard.”
      ..shows very little understanding of how the economy works for and against small (really small) businesses these days. Borrowing from a bank directly just isn’t done anymore without a miracle and if you get one has a loan shark style rate. Sometimes a kickstarter campaign is to raise the money for collateral on a larger loan from the SBA or other micro-type lending self-help organizations that have reasonable interest rates and include services to insure an educated business proprietor can have a fair shake at paying back the loan; they are investing in an economy that is local. The bay area is crawling with very hard working small business owners that have gotten their start in and thrive on a culture that supports them as both organized institutions, general commerce, public policy making, and community participation. The kickstarter can be a way for the community to support a good idea that they feel like they could or would benefit from. I can tell you have serious opinions about this and probably many, many other things, but “urban begging’ is kind of lame and stupid.

      • We donated to the Little Bee Kickstarter and Stacey, the owner, hand delivered the chocolate truffles promised to our house when we didn’t come by the store to pick them up. They were amazing. I love that place and am so glad that they are in our neighborhood.

  3. Curious if other neighborhoods have as many kickstarter campaigns for new businesses. Wondering if this is unique to Bernal in SF or if other neighborhoods have similar things going on.

    • I believe Urban Putt (in the Mission) had a Kickstarter too. But, while I wish them well in their efforts, I’m personally a little weirded out by the idea of giving donations to start a for-profit enterprise – instead of, say, loans or buying shares.

  4. I’ve backed 11 very different kickstarter campaigns. The way I see it it’s like giving my friend a $20 and knowing he’ll bring back a case of beer. I supported Red Hill Station kickstarter campaign after reading this post and I’ll enjoy my reward of 10 pieces from the raw bar while welcoming a new neighborhood spot.

  5. Done.
    And BTW entrepreneurs in the hood with tons of F.U. money. Please open a decent burger joint. There are still lines at Shake Shack in NY. Hell, I’ll even take another branch of the Barney Burger empire.

    • I spoke to Mike from Harvest Hills who is opening the Creamery on Cortland. I told him that there is a lot of pent-up demand for a good burger on Cortland. He said he has a strong burger strategy planned — his main concern was the rising cost of grass-fed beef.

      • Maybe there will be a coming burger renassaince to cortland st. The burger at liberty is quite excellent as are the burgers at Moonlight cafe. If Red Hill Station and/or Kinfolk offer a good burger and maybe the creamery too, that would be something.

  6. Yes – burgers! Wait a minute – where we campaigning for Charlie to open a burger place in Precita park? Either way – they should have those seasoned curly fries and sweet potato fries – perhaps mixed together with optional truffle oil. Wait a minute no – truffle oil is too fancy. Save the money and just have regular fries. Oh I can’t decide. Who wants to go in on a kick starter to replace the little hand pushed ice cream carts with a coffee and organic free range Green fed granola cart? Maybe bicycle powered? And the bicycle would definitely be gluten-free.

  7. Yay – An Oyster Bar/Rest on Cortland. Welcome!
    Can we also have a decent Chinese place? A burger place?

  8. Happy to support Amy and this great new restaurant. Re burgers: Precita Park Cafe has a tasty one, with excellent fries. Not on Cortland, but still Bernal. Oysters and burgers — life is good.

  9. Hey Todd– You should come taste the Hamburger at Precita Park Cafe. It is grass fed hormone free and I assure you one of the best you will taste. Grilled any way you like it with a side of hand cut fries. Hands down! xo

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