Hurry! Artists Wanted for (New) 2014 Summer Stroll Art Walk


Neighbor Arno shares this call for artists who seek to participate in the new Art Walk that will happen during the glamorous Summer Stroll on Cortland in June. But hurry!  The deadline for submissions it at hand:

The Summer Stroll on Cortland is upon us again. June 19, 6pm-9pm.

Featuring local businesses, artists and talent. This year, things get extra interesting: we have an Art Walk at the event.

In and between the Cortland Ave venues, San Fransisco artists will show their creations, artwork, and performances. Bernal will not disappoint.

Bernal neighbor Alex Markiel is orchestrating the Art Walk.

at the Summer Stroll on Cortland on June 19, 6pm-9pm

(San Francisco artists admiring Bernal Heights are welcome as well.)

Please register for the Art Walk by May 31.

It’s free!

We will do our best to match the artists with venues and places of the Summer Stroll.

3 thoughts on “Hurry! Artists Wanted for (New) 2014 Summer Stroll Art Walk

  1. In fairness to the artists let them open their studios and put them on the map.
    I will be glad to open my studio on that date for the hours of the Walk.
    I am just 2 minutes from your designated Stroll location !

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