Coleridge Neighbors Planning Informal Community Concert


Neighbor Ania was recently seen posting handbills about an ad hoc concert planned for next Sunday afternoon, May 18, at the glamorous Coleridge Minipark. It sounded like a charming idea, so Bernalwood asked her to share the details for those who might like to participate. Neighbor Ania writes:

After the mugging on our street some neighbors started talking about making something good happen, for a change.

I spoke about a musical event with Sasha, who often plays the accordion on his doorstep, across the street from us. Two neighbors stopped by and were enthusiastic, so I posted on and heard from Dave Klaus who plays the guitar. The three of us met a few weeks ago over a beer, set the date for May 18th 12-3 at the Coleridge Minipark and decided that it should be informal, acoustic and in a talent show format.

There is also going to be singalong. We are printing out lyrics – Imagine was mentioned – and I can lead something operatic. It is my mission in life to prove anyone can sing opera, even Wagner! (and it will probably be Wagner)
The lineup so far includes:

Sasha Goldshtrakh, Dave and their bands, some friends of Dave’s from Lundys with guitars, Ellen Hobbs from our building on ukelele and myself with opera (backing tracks on boombox).

There were suggestions of barbecue and mimosas. My husband Clay might coordinate that part of things, with some help of our nearest neighbors.

That’s the story so far. We are getting some fliers out and hope for not too much wind on the day. A few people expressed interest as performers; I am waiting to hear back and we are open for more!

Coleridge  Music


IMAGE: Coleridge Minipark photo by Neighbor Ania

10 thoughts on “Coleridge Neighbors Planning Informal Community Concert

  1. Thanks Todd for posting: one correction, not this Sunday, the next one! We are still open for submissions and – of course – it is not just for Coleridge Street, but all of the ‘hood!

  2. This will never fly in Bernal. Twice now, people made fun of my photo showing me playing my button accordion. And given the dislike people on the hill showed toward Enzo Garcia, I wonder if this little picnic is even worth putting on. Not to be the bearer of negativity, but lots of people on this forum are really nasty folks who will throw cold water on anything.

    Personally, I have no use for opera; to me it’s as outdated as silent film. But to each his/her own, and I welcome the attempt to bring a little class to the angry mobs that inhabit Bernal.

    • Angry mobs? Nasty folks? I don’t know where you’re living but my neighbors are a pretty friendly group. I think this sounds like a fun event and a great way to get to know even more people in my neighborhood. Thanks to Ania, Dave and Sasha for putting this together.

      • You’re confusing the internet with real life, David. “This will never fly”? Um… well, it’s going to happen, large or small. The annual Coleridge bbq has already been happening for the last God-know-how-many years (since before my time), have yet to see torches or pitchforks.

    • How sad that David Kaye has no use for opera! For me it is the highest, most sophisticated, complex and beautiful form of music in the world. I still don’t understand why “pop” music has taken over the world because I believe almost anyone can sing that kind of music, but opera? No way! You need special talent and an accutue sensitivity of the soul to be able to perform or even appreciate it.

  3. We’re on for Sunday May 18th, and the momentum is building! We have our first sponsor, and musicians are coming out of the woodwork! David Kaye: bring your accordian! that’s what Sasha plays too! And it WILL FLY!!! As long as we have just a few people, we will be making music and bringing healing and blessing to our hill! Come on down!!

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