Fun Fact: Bernal Buys Ridiculous Amounts of Sunscreen


Bernal Heights is famous throughout the galaxy as being home to many dog-owners, families with kids, and lesbians. So one would think that means we buy lots and lots of dog food, diapers, and Subarus. Yet according to the data-crunchers at Google’s same-day shopping delivery service, the Citizens of Bernalwood actually buy exceptional amounts of… sunscreen:

Some of the most popular items that Bay Area shoppers get with same-day delivery are everyday essentials like toothpaste and toilet paper, as well as heavy or bulky items like canned soup and potting soil. In fact, in a single day, people around the Bay Area buy enough cat food through Google Shopping Express to feed about 1,500 cats! While a lot of people are buying everyday essentials, they’re also using the service to buy some rather unexpected items like Sriracha hot sauce and tennis balls, which are among some of the most popular products ordered.

But not all neighborhoods around the Bay Area are filling their carts with the same items. For instance, in San Francisco, people in Potrero Hill buy more cereal than any other neighborhood, while shoppers in Bernal Heights buy the most sunscreen. People in The Marina love getting protein powder delivered on the double, while Mountain View shoppers buy the most rock climbing gear. And when it comes to same-day spreads, people in San Jose buy more mayonnaise than any other city, while Palo Alto tops the list of Nutella purchases.

3 thoughts on “Fun Fact: Bernal Buys Ridiculous Amounts of Sunscreen

  1. That is really interesting data, thank you Todd! So what does it say about Bernal? Perhaps the most oudoorsy people live here, as opposed to the fitness gym crowd dominating the Marina with their protein powder. This is pretty accurate

  2. What Chris says. Can’t imagine they’re buying a lot of sun screen in West Portal or the Richmond…

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