British Tourist Gives Bernal Heights Very Favorable Review


British tourist and Honorary Neighbor Tony Quarrington is back in the UK after concluding his two-week vacation in Bernal Heights. If the Dominion of Bernalwood had a listing on TripAdvisor we’d likely be pulling five-stars right now, because Tony reports he felt the full Bernal magic during his stay.

In a post entitled “Ten Reasons for Loving Bernal Heights,” Tony summarizes some of the things he enjoyed most about going native among us:

A little more than a week ago, we had to leave our temporary residence in Bernal Heights for “home” in the UK.

But I do not want to put that experience to one side just yet (and we will be returning next year), without paying one final tribute to the neighborhood.

So here, in this fifth and final article in the series, are this visiting Englishman’s ten reasons for loving Bernal Heights.

Read the article to go deeper into the ten things Tony loved best about Bernal — it’s a thoughtful and thorough assessment. We look forward to his glamorous return in 2015.

Best of all, we’ve managed to garner this generous praise even before breaking ground on the construction of the fabulous Bernalbleu Hotel and Resort, which is scheduled to open sometime during the spring of 2375. Our  beaches will be vastly improved by then, and we hope Tony’s heirs will be no less impressed.

PHOTO: Tony Quarrington

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  1. I love Bernalwood. I wish we had this kind of positive enthusiasm in the Mission. I straddle both hoods — just depends who’s asking.

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