Finished Starbucks Commercial Makes Bernal Life Look Rather Aspirational



Remember when Starbucks filmed that commercial on Bernal Hill a few weeks back?  Well the commercial is now live, and we can see our role in it.

The video is a montage that celebrates the simple pleasures of an enlightened urban lifestyle flush with fashionable friends, a well-curated collection of accessories, vintage 4×4 vehicles, warm beverages, ample amounts of leisure time and… lots of colorful boxes on Bernal Hill:

26 thoughts on “Finished Starbucks Commercial Makes Bernal Life Look Rather Aspirational

      • That is a rather blithe response, as you have no idea what those SeattleBastards are plotting behind their vente grande evil minds. One must be ever watchful.. Especially now that Bernal is the “hottest” neighborhood on the Planet. That’s how the twits get in, ya dig.

    • I just love how all you open minded liberal people get your panties all in a bunch when you choose to define what is good and what is not good for the ‘hood. I REALLY would LOVE to see a Starbucks open on Cortland.

  1. How I often describe our neighborhood to outsiders: In San Francisco, when you enter Bernal Heights, you won’t see any more Starbucks or traffic lights.

    (OK, technically, there’s a traffic light in Precita Park)

  2. Serious question. Doesn’t Starbucks actually treat their employees well? Don’t part-time employees get pretty good benefits? I remember hearing these things a few years back. I don’t know if its true today.
    I always wonder why there is so much hatred towards the company. I think some of their products are very good. I would take an espresso drink from starbucks over a 15 minute wait for a philz black drip coffee any day. (blasphemy i know)

    • Was just thinking the same thing, nsfw. I mean, I get not wanting chain stores in the neighborhood, but Starbucks is not exactly an evil corporate overlord. They treat their employees well and gave health insurance even when you didn’t have to. Save the vitriol for Halliburton, Walmart, or Altria/Philip Morris.

    • Ditto! Starbucks treat their employees well, with benefits. I never understood the animosity either. On road trips I appreciate the availability for a good cup of coffee. And they totally support marriage equality. And seeing our hill in the commercial decorated as it was, was fun!

      • I agree with you. The animosity directed towards larger businesses is a product of arrogant, self entitled San Franciscans who really do believe they know what’s best for everyone. Their own fake open-mindedness really shows up.

  3. I guess the treehouse didn’t make the cut? They had a million people on the hill that day. I can’t believe it was all for that.

    • Even the simplest concepts sometimes take a loooooooooot of hands to pull off correctly and on time. I used to chuckle indignantly at simple little videos when the 50-name long credits would roll… thinking “FOR THAT?!” Then I tried shooting something myself the first time, and… rewind those credits—I think I need some of those names!

  4. Starbucks needs to train its baristas to spell peoples’ names correctly. It isn’t just my name they misspell, but also simple names such as Don and Jill. Oh, and Jamba Juice too.

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