UPDATED: Paulie’s Pickling on KQED’s “Check Please, Bay Area” Tonight

Paulie's Pickles

It’s showtime! Cortland’s Paulie’s Pickling, which may be Best Jewish Deli in San Francisco, will be the focus of tonight’s exciting episode of KQED’s Check Please, Bay Area.

Neighbors Paul and Liz, the soft-spoken proprietors of Paulie’s Pickling, didn’t give us the heads-up about this. No, we heard it from the street, in the Jweekly:

CHECK, PLEASE: A “Check, Please! Bay Area” episode featuring Paulie’s Pickling will debut at 7:30 p.m. April 24 on KQED-Channel 9, with many replays to come. Also, the show will air on KQED radio (88.5 FM) at 6:30 p.m. April 27.

“Check, Please!” features three Bay Area residents giving their opinions after sampling three local restaurants (each recommended by one of the participants). Paulie’s Pickling, a Jewish-style deli counter in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights, will be the first segment.

“I have no idea who nominated us,” said Paulie’s co-owner Liz Ashby, who was raised Orthodox in Newton, Mass. “But when the producers called and asked if we wanted to be on the show, I said, ‘Of course!’ Who would say no?”

Over a two-month period, the “mystery diners” came in to eat, and on two occasions, the KQED crew came by to do some filming and interview Liz and the other owner, her husband, Paul.

Neighbor Liz is right. Who would say no?

One quick P.S. about the whole “Best Jewish Deli in San Francisco” thing. There’s this. And there’s also this:

For Passover earlier this month, your Bernalwood editor had two actual Jewish grandmothers over for dinner. One Jewish grandmother was raised in Brooklyn; the other in Jersey City. With two actual Jewish grandmothers at the table, your Bernalwood editor did not want to run the risk of screwing up the traditional Passover brisket. So I asked Neighbor Liz from Paulie’s if I could order a few pounds of her rather amazing brisket instead, to serve to two actual Jewish grandmothers. Neighbor Liz said no problem, and it came with some wonderful gravy, and I heated it all up, and dayenu it was incredible. But you don’t have to believe me when I say it was dayenu incredible. Two actual Jewish grandmothers at our Passover table certified that the brisket from Paulie’s Pickling was dayenu incredible. They were very impressed.

So there you go.

Keep that in mind as you listen to whatever the mystery diners have to say on “Check Please, Bay Area” tonight. In your Bernalwood editor’s house, Paulie’s Pickling is Jewish Grandmother Tested and Jewish Grandmother Approved.

UPDATE: It’s live!

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

12 thoughts on “UPDATED: Paulie’s Pickling on KQED’s “Check Please, Bay Area” Tonight

  1. That is so great! I love Paulie’s – hope they get great reviews tonight! But, please…..never leave us, Paulie’s!

  2. Paul & Liz & Paulie’s Pickling are totally awesome! The pickled goods are incredible, the brisket – cant get enough and frankly way better than my jewish grandmother (sorry bubba). And if you need something refreshing, the sodas are off the chart! i hear the ginger-celery 🙂

  3. The problem with Paulie’s Pickling is that the food is RARELY served with a smile. I actually really like the food and go there fairly often but have rarely gotten a smile from the woman behind the counter. I wish someone warmer was working there (or at least faked it better).

  4. Angela (lady who recommended it) needs to relax and not talk over everyone! I know, I know, I’d be the same way! 🙂


  5. Hey! Adding to the local charm, Neighbor Smurf’s former coworker is in this episode.. though I have to disown him for saying the cheese was congealed and brisket underseasoned.

  6. Tried Pauli’s Pickling several times over the years they’ve been at 331 Cortland. Always disappointed; service is distracted, food so so, price high for what it is. Admittedly, coming from NY & husband from LA, we are spoiled by Jewish delis like Canter’s, etc.
    The 331 space is somewhat weird, the vendors keep changing; it goes from good to bad & everything in between; the space looks very messy, not inviting; big minus – no seating.
    I tried to watch this episode twice but was way too annoying. Between the hostess & woman who recommended Paulie’s it became too loud, obnoxious; both need to chill out!
    I would try the place in Point Reyes Station & well as the restaurant on 4th St/Berkeley. Both looked very interesting.

    • Hmm, well, there’s a lot of negativity flowing from your post, but Pauli’s took some getting used to. I’ve never noticed the 331 space being messy, which I suppose is the good side of not paying that much attention.

      The first time I bought a brisket sandwich I was surprised that it was served cold. Eventually I learned to appreciate it. The woman that works there isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy, but I got used to that too. I never noticed the lack of seating – it’s an easy stroll to the bench in front of Vega’s, or Holly Park, or in front of the library, or in front of Good Life, etc.

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