New Red Hill Station Seafood Restaurant Coming to Cortland


Alongside the planned perma-Kinfolk, EaterSF brings the news that Bernal Neighbors Taylor Pederson and Amy Reticker plan to open a new seafood restaurant at 803 Cortland, in the soon-to-be-former Blue Star Elephant space:

The new restaurant will be taking over from Thai spot Blue Star Elephant, which will shutter at the end of this month. Named for the Bernal neighborhood’s nickname of ‘Red Hill’, the new spot will be seafood-focused, with a raw bar (think oysters and clams) plus a rotating menu of seasonal, California-style cuisine. Pederson will helm the kitchen, and hopes to focus on sustainably-sourced seafood.

The new space will also serve as a fish market of sorts. Reticker, who’ll be running the front-of-house operations, says they hope to open at 4pm daily with an offering of market fish so that people can drop in, learn cooking tips from the seafood pros and take home something to prepare for dinner themselves.

In the meantime, Red Hill Station has planted flags on the Twitter, the Facebook, and the Interwebs. There’s a late February Facebook post which says:

we are excited and pleased to announce the birth of “Red Hill Station”!

we will be a small, 28 seat neighborhood place

there will be a raw bar, oysters, clams, mussels, tartares, in addition to an 8 item menu which will change daily…we plan on doing brunch saturdays and sundays.

19 thoughts on “New Red Hill Station Seafood Restaurant Coming to Cortland

  1. What? What happened with blue star elephant? I like that place. 😦
    Well, if this new place is as good or better than woodhouse, i guess i can get on board…

    • Woodhouse is great for lobster rolls and fish tacos but apart from that just doesn’t compare to Anchor Oyster. Considering the owners are alums of Anchor, I’m very excited…

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  3. It looks like a beautiful restaurant, a tad on the pricey side, but if it’s good, will be worth it for elegant dinners within walking distance! Can’t wait to try it!

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