¡Oh Dios mío! Dr. Rick’s Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling Benefit Event in Bernal on Saturday Afternoon


As a general principle, it should not require much coaxing to persuade you to attend a simple, old-fashioned afternoon of Lucha Libre Mexican Wresting right here in Bernal Heights this Saturday. Especially when you consider that the event is a benefit for a medical clinic at San Francisco General Hospital. And especially especially when you throw in the fact that the event will happen at the glamtacular Farmhouse Mansion at the top of Folsom Street on Bernal Hill.

But just in case you need even more reasons why you really shouldn’t miss this simple, old-fashioned afternoon of Lucha Libre Mexican Wresting right here in Bernal Heights, Neighbor Orlando wants you to know why the money that will be raised on Saturday really matters:

My buddy Rick across the street who is a doctor at SF General, and he is putting on a fundraising event for the hospital. Well, his is clinic anyway. The clinic is for folks of lower income. It’s worth every penny of the $20 donation he kindly asks of us to attend.

San Francisco General for years has served an array of different communities from all over the City. Dr. Rick has been at General since he left medical school, and he’s been respectfully serving us since. He’s a man of integrity, with one of the kindest hearts you will ever meet in a lifetime. His clinic has been giving back to the community for years, and especially to non-affluent families. This is one big reason I have come to grown close to Rick over time; I respect what he has dedicated his life to.

So at this point, no further convincing should be required. All you should need are the exciting logistical details about Neighbor Dr. Rick’s Lucha Libre Mexican Wresting benefit, and when and where you should go Saturday afternoon, April 19. Dr. Rick himself seals the deal:

¡oh Dios mío!

You are invited to the rarest of events.
Lucha Libre Wrestling at the Farmhouse Mansion.

¡a lo grande!

It took a lot to arrange… this is an afternoon event, all VIP, private benefit, with professional wrestlers, the full ring, opinionated announcers, 10-piece mariache band, referees, tasty margaritas, taco trucks, beer, juice, two other bands, pinatas, gente apasionada, baile apasionado, you get the idea.

All to benefit a trio of hardworking volunteer and vocational rehabilitation programs at:

San Francisco General Hospital, Department of Psychiatry
Westside Community Services

See you at the Farmhouse Mansion
3340 Folsom Street, SF
Sat. April 19th at 3pm (wrestling at 4pm)

What? You still have questions?

Here are some answers:

1) Yes, kids can come, but parent/guardian must be present and responsible.
2) Suggested donation is $20 per person (child or adult) or whatever you can give.
3) Yes, this is the real deal. The Lucha Libre Wrestlers you would see on TV, Cow Palace, or where ever such events occur.
4) No, I will not be wrestling… I think. Then again, anything is possible, probable, we’ll see.
5) No, you will not be wrestling either… I think. Oh, heck. Bring your mask and we’ll see.

In addition, just down the hill at Precita Park, on that same day, Sat from 11am – 2pm is… EASTER in the PARK where there will be Easter Egg Hunt, gift giveaways, 27 foot slide, jumper houses carnival games and much more for the kiddos prior to the below.

See you all soon!

Dr. Rick


8 thoughts on “¡Oh Dios mío! Dr. Rick’s Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling Benefit Event in Bernal on Saturday Afternoon

  1. hey todd- do you have a contact for these folks? would love to see if they donations of beer or margarita supplies. dawn

  2. Unfortunately cannot make it! Sounded like a fun and worthy event. Hope someone takes pictures so maybe Todd you can post afterwards?

  3. Dr. Rick threw a great party! I am so glad Bernalwood wrote about this so we could donate to a great cause and have a fantastic time. The whole party was uniquely Bernal!

    Thank you Dr. Rick, I hope it was a successful fundraiser for you.

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