Kinfolk to Convert from Popup to Permanent Inside Former Pizza Express


Well, the rumors turned out to be true. Our foodie fwiendz at Inside Scoop confirm that Kinfolk, the Cortand popup restaurant launched by Bernal neighbor Greg Lutes, will open a permanent location inside the former Pizza Express space at 919 Cortland:

For the last several months, Kinfolk has been popping up regularly for brunch and dinner at 903 Cortland. Well, it’s moving up.

The chef-owner behind the project is Greg Lutes, and he’s finally found a permanent location — and as it turns out, it’s just a few doors down from 903.

Lutes has inked a deal to take over 919 Cortland Avenue, which was most recently home to Pizza Express, though it’s currently home to a dirt floor. After a full build-out, Kinfolk is hoped to open this summer, with 40 seats — double the size of its set-up at 903.

29 thoughts on “Kinfolk to Convert from Popup to Permanent Inside Former Pizza Express

  1. Let’s hope this is the sort of anchor that draws folks from other neighborhoods. Ichi and pizza hacker have done that but its down the road.
    Long lines and hard to obtain reservations will draw others to invest on Cortland.

    * This note does not condone gentrification, google buses or higher rents. Just an effort to get a damn good burger shop, et all within walking distance of my house. Paid for by, Yes We Can Eat 2015.

      • Yes! A good burger! Proletariat food!

        (Though I will readily admit that I sorely miss the burger from when Cafe Chez Maman was on Cortland — but wait, does that make me a gentrifying techie or does it boost my cred for having lived here since (before) then?)

      • I would love to see Chez Maman return to the hill. Having moved from Potrero, I miss it very much. In talking to them, sadly they have no interest in returning.

      • the burgers at moonlight are great plus they have beer & wine. i’ve heard for years that they are going to stay open later, but hasnt happened yet

      • I also enjoy a good, old fashioned hamburger & fries @ The Moonlight Café. Like their other offerings as well! Too bad they close early – I’d probably dine there more frequently if they were open for dinner.

      • Jake’s Place on bayshore makes a decent burger with beer battered fries but they are only open for lunch and parking isn’t easy in that zone.

  2. Hopefully, Kinfolk will stay around for a long time, & a mainstream, lasting business will move into the 903 space. Since moving to BH in 2000, I lost track of the businesses that have come & gone, many of which were really good ones. I frequented Cortland Ave much more than. With very few exceptions it’s a lot of the same, not too much variety. How many bars, corner stores, nail places, hair salons does one street need?!

  3. Here are your exceptions Pamela: Amazing Succulence! Eclectic and fun Heartfelt! Inclusions Gallery – excellent gallery! 331, Bernal’s own incubator! Unique Italian wines and great food at VinoRosso wine bar! Yummy sushi at Mokis! Superb Peruvian food at Piqueos! Always great Liberty Cafe! Yummy Pizzeria and more at Vega! Fantastic little grocery store – The Good Life! Fabulous butchers at Avedanos….seems like a whole lot of variety to us.

  4. Would love a good old school deli and Italian foods like Lucca’s on Valencia. Isn’t there a fancy grocery store opening near St. Patricks?

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  6. Well obviously we need a lunch-ish new tenant for 903 since so many people donated to create that parklet only for the completely random owner to shutter the place a few months later. It’s not always nice enough to eat out there but when it is it’s a good alternative to Liberty’s patio. I know the same people are planning to provide lunch out of Sandbox bakery, of course making it more difficult than it needs to be by applying for a takeout window on the side of the store for who knows what reason. They make excellent edibles but can’t quite seem to decide if they’re open for business or just teasing.

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