New Happy Hour at Holy Water Happens After the Kids Go to Bed


Happy Hour is lovely, but it’s not exactly convenient. During those precious early evening hours, you’re probably either still at work, or walking your dog, or wrangling your kids, or cooking dinner, or walking the dog while wrangling the kids while cooking dinner, or some combination of the above. The point being, there’s a lot of stuff going on during the time when most bars want you to be drinky for Happy Hour, which makes it hard to be drinky.

In recognition of these grim realities, Holy Water, the drinktastic new bar on Cortland, has hit upon a rather clever idea: shift Happy Hour forward a few hours, make it start at 11 pm, and call it 11th Hour.

Holy Water’s website brings the details:

Welcome to the 11th hour. Starting at 11pm nightly, Holy Water will be featuring a rare and unique selection of offerings. These will only be available after 11pm and won’t be on the regular menu. Offerings will rotate nightly depending on availability.

We have sourced rare and unique beers only bottled in magnums. many of them specifically for Holy Water. We will start popping them only after 11pm and pour them off until they are gone. These won’t be your typical beers

We have been sourcing rare and exotic spirits/mixers/tinctures/etc. and this is our time to play around and experiment with them. Come down and help us try out new recipes and cocktails that won’t normally be offered before 11pm DISCLOSURE… we are experimenting here, so some things will be amazing, others not so much. customers won’t be obligated to pay for what they don’t enjoy.

This is your chance to stump the bartender, or try something new. Guests can pick 2 ingredients and the bartender will make you something amazing. Do you love honey and compari? tell the bartender and they will come up with a cocktail you will (hopefully) enjoy. Or just sit back and let them concoct something from their mental rolodex of drinks.

Sample a flight of single barrel selections from all of our sister bars Churchill, Bloodhound, Prize Fighter, Brass Tax. This ranges from bourbons to rums to beers.

Offerings change nightly. More selections are in the works and will be unveiled over time.

PHOTO: Holy Water

9 thoughts on “New Happy Hour at Holy Water Happens After the Kids Go to Bed

    • Have you ever been to a bar in the Marina? Most of those places are more akin to The Lucky Horseshoe but with popped collars, not Holy Water.

      • Ha! Thanks for the visual! I’ve never been drinking in the Marina, but I’ve met plenty of people who live there. This makes me laugh.

        I liked Stray Bar. I love Holy Water. My husband and I bring our dogs in all the time. We’ve met lots of our fellow neighbors while sitting at the bar. Long-timers and new comers…everyone has a unique story to tell.

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