New Mural, Very Hot Pink, Now Complete on Helipad House


The paint is dry and the scaffolding has come down. And now, the new mural is complete on the facade of the Helipad House at the tippy-top of Folsom Street just below Bernal Hill.

As you no doubt recall, the mural was created and executed by Casey O’Connell, on behalf of Neighbor Scott and Neighbor Regina, who encouraged the artist to do her thing.

The result is very pink, which will be terrific news to all pink fans in Bernalwood. It’s also gritty and cute, all at the same time.

Plus, the cool lady with her finger in the shark’s eyeball has a cool tattoo that says… YOU:


Fortunately, the shark does not seem particularly upset by the presence of the finger in its eyeball:


And if you look closely, there’s a San Francisco skyline in the shark’s teeth:


What does it all mean???!!!  What is the message??? What is it telling us???

As we contemplate such deeper questions, this much is certain: All of us now have a new piece of art to ponder, discuss, and debate. Some of us will cheer. Some of us will not. But all of us will say: Hot pink!

PS: In case you missed it during brunch, Neighbor Scott and Regina’s Helipad House also appeared in last weekend’s Sunday New York Times Magazine.  In this way, hundreds of thousands of brunch-eaters across America and around the globe were introduced to Bernal’s own… Junior Neighbor Iris!


That’s it. Bernalwood is calling it, right here: New mural + NYT Mag shout-out = PEAK GLAMOR. This is our moment.

MURAL PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

66 thoughts on “New Mural, Very Hot Pink, Now Complete on Helipad House

  1. Kind of a big FU to the hood. Bernal Hill is a beautiful natural spot, but building a huge house like this AND painting it pink? Doesn’t fit the natural features of the space.

    If it was in SOMA on the side of a large building, I would think it was cool. But across the street from a neighborhood park?

    • Opinions may differ, but IMHO… if you are looking at the mural, you are not looking at a natural spot; you are viewing it within the fabric of a complex urban skyline, with a beautiful natural spot directly behind you. And to this day, if you turn around, that beautiful natural spot remains right behind you, just as it was before.

    • Sorry you don’t like it, just trying to have some fun with the space. After having lived in the Mission for several years and loving all the art-filled alleys, I thought it would be cool to bring some of that up the hill. More art = more bueno I say.

    • Look around. Look at the ornate 5-color Victorians sandwiched next to 1950’s boxes next to 21st century modern next to dilapidated shacks and also that badass house on Precita painted like a 70’s van. That’s what makes Bernal Bernal. And what better place than across the street from a public space. It’d be kind of silly in the middle of the block just taunting the people across the street.

      The only truly offensive schemes are my-realtor-told-me-to-play-it-safe-so-it-would-sell beige.

      One day, 20 years from now, a new owner will decide to have it painted over and find themselves at the business end of a “save the mural” petition.

    • I agree completely. Pretty horrible. Completely ugly, and amateurish. This belongs in one of the alleys in the Mission, not facing a beautiful park.

  2. I just drove by it today after having been away for a week. I appreciate the artist’s whimsical vision, but I don’t really care for it myself. If the owners are happy, though, that’s what matters.

  3. I love this mural and Casey’s work is outstanding. It fits into our community and is representative of the diverse mix of people and culture that calls Bernal home. I have a feeling this might be the most photographed home in the city.

  4. ok, wait for it…because somebody on here is going to use the words “gentrification”, “skyrocketing house prices”, “racism and the latest crimewave” and attribute it to this cool art installation and then it won’t be about this cool art installation at all…

  5. Ditto to SFHillRunner. Saw the NYTimes article. The photos of SOMA & Oakland plus the SOMA mural are great. Brian Banelco [who designed the mural in NOPA which reflects the Western Addition history] would have been a better choice.

  6. While I’m happy the owners allowed for a work of public art, I agree it seems jarring for that site. I’ll hold off the final opinion till I see it in person.

  7. I don’t mean to be a sour puss, but Bernal overlooks some of the biggest changes in the city, and many are not good. I know the blog tries to cover all things Bernal, but it seems pretty light and airy most times, and one never hears about the poverty that is being swept under the carpet (or flown over) by these people who can afford to have a mural painted on a home that could probably accommodate a flying machine. I don’t take the usual community organizing line on this, though I am an educator and do organize in this community, so I will admit that people have every right to buy up property and do with it what they will.

    But as a neighbor and as someone who works here, I want to state the obvious: there are other things to cover in this neighborhood, and I think a little more o that and a little less about pink art would keep the conversation more honest.

    Just one man’s opinion.

  8. Gabe -you ARE being a sour puss. There is plenty of grit and shit covered by bernalwood. we are so lucky to have BW as part of our neighborhood fabric – the light the dark …and the bright pink!

  9. This is one of the COOLEST murals I’ve ever seen! Normally I don’t like murals very much, even though I have friends who do them. But THIS is a remarkable art piece. However, is the main color really pink? It looks salmon on my monitor, which I believe is properly color-tuned.

  10. Sharks are pretty much the coolest creatures ever, and the toothy skyline seals the deal. There is pretty much no street art I don’t love; I even love the stuff I don’t like. Score.

  11. The artist clearly has skill but the piece makes me cringe and I really hate the setting. Maybe I would hate the content less in a different setting but a sexualized girl on the side of a house is about the last thing I want to see after an awesome walk on the hill. It’s enough to walk back into the neighborhood and get back to full-on, dense urbanity without that image to skew my relaxed mind in one direction or another. It feels like an affront, frankly. Out of character with the surroundings, self indulgent and more than a little self important on the part of the neighbors who put it there. I feel like they really don’t care how the rest of us relate to the hill.

    They own the house so they get to do whatever they want and I acknowledge that. Doesn’t mean I like or respect what they’ve done with that wall.

    • I’m not sure what part of “sexualized girl” is objectionable, but if it’s the “girl” part, I don’t think it’s clear that the girl here is under-aged. I’m not even sure how sexualized she is, either, although I do love how the light fixture serves as a funky nipple ring.

  12. I think it is preposterously ugly and out of place. The home owners don’t have to look at it. It is garish, how arrogant if the owners to impose their tastes on the public.

    • I think more than a few folks are missing a critical point. This is not public art, it’s art on private property and I believe the home owners see it all the time, you know, because they live there, duh. What is truly arrogant is how some people want to push their own sense of taste and values on others when it’s really none of their business. Can we take a tour of your home, your lifestyle, your habits and then call you on the carpet for it? I’m game. Regardless of whether you can see value in this mural to the artist, the owners or the community that supports creative expression, know this; we live in a country that celebrates the ability to express ourselves. Many people have given their lives to protect this right and many still do. Believe in being a patriot? Maybe perhaps your a christian. What would Jesus say? I think more than a few out there forgot to take their nap and the rest of us have to read the ugly and the cranky.

      • While I don’t agree with Anne, I’m fine with reading the cranky, the critical, the off-topic, the whatever (along with the good, gushing and over the top), just because art often brings up/out people’s feelings and starts a conversation. Thanks for all posts…

    • I agree, and I’ll bet money that if this mural faced directly into their front windows they would not like it and they would complain. They can do what they want with their building walls, but it just smacks of arrogance and lack of respect.

  13. I love it – I eagerly awaited the completion and was so delighted as the scaffolding came down. More importantly, I so appreciate that Todd (and Gabe!) are capturing the richness of Bernal. Thank you, pink house, for sharing art that puzzles me and makes me smile every time I walk by on my way to work.

  14. Thank you Scott and Regina for investing in art in our community that all can see, enjoy, discuss, think about, and debate. 🙂 IMHO, art can and should play such roles in our lives. And, thank you Casey for creating this work of art too!

    I’ll admit, I would likely not have thought to commission a mural for the side of this home had I owned and lived in it. Kudos for having the vision and pursuing the daring choice. It would have been easy to leave the side of the house white…. but this is much, much more fun!

    To art!

  15. I agree with Neighbor Doug: “The only truly offensive schemes are my-realtor-told-me-to-play-it-safe-so-it-would-sell beige.”
    This place brings lots of character to the ‘hood and will age with grace.
    Don’t listen to the haters and would-be art critics here on the blog; as a group they also hated on the garage door mural on Alabama Street near Precita Park.
    It’s private property with which there has been an effort made to be unique, bold and neighborhood-interactive. If you don’t like it, or think it’s too pink, or too SOMA, or too unruly, go paint a mural of some white bread and milk on your own house.

    ps, No art is made for you to “like it.”

  16. i do believe that the girl is sticking her finger in the eye of the shark (who is eating san francisco real estate, maybe ?!!?) it is not a shark shooting a laser beam from it’s eye

  17. Awful. As far as the grey/beige colors of Bernal, there’s ways of doing colors that make it look great without being grey or beige.

  18. I’ll admit it, I hated that house when it was first built. Boring and soulless. But this mural really improves it, turns it from an eyesore into an actually attractive addition to the neighborhood! Kudos!

  19. Regina,
    You are a free spirit and a risk taker. Some think it should have been inside your house but if the laws say it is ok then it is youuuuur house… People love diversity and this just gets closer to one border… Just one problem though for our family.. Of the six pet sharks our daughter has swimming in our side yard salt water pool only one has two good eyes left. Seems the inspiration vision of the painting is translating into brave young girls wanting to try it. I’m going to have to get PETA involved or get some lasers for the sharks to defend themselves with.

  20. I guess it to late to say anything now. But I get depressed every time I see this visual diarhrea. I am an artist I love murals, I love piblic art but this just is horrible.

    First of all its pink. Second why is the girl poking the shark in the eye? Thats just evil.

    I loved the cute house that was there before . I was sad when they tore it down but pleasantly suprised to see a beautiful elegant modern house peplace it. The new house worked so well with the landscape. the design had harmony with the soraunding space.

    I apreciate the spirit of letting the Artist do her thing. But what about us poor bastards who have to look at this. Art is not just about being ostentatious and loud . It involves critical thinking. How will it interact with the envirment and the viewer.

    If you guys like it , its your house.

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