Spice Hound Relocating from 331 Cortland


Neighbor David reports from Cortlandia:

Looks like another Bernal business is packing up shop — this time the Spice Hound of 331 Cortland (I initially read their notice as saying that all of 331 was closing… nearly had a heart attack).

This closure seems to add to a recent spate of businesses on Cortland shuttering for good, which strikes me as particularly odd given that Bernal is now the “hottest neighborhood in America.” But I suppose the good news is that none of these spaces are likely to stay empty for long.

PHOTO: Jason Yashinshky

12 thoughts on “Spice Hound Relocating from 331 Cortland

  1. It would be interesting to know why some businesses are leaving. The ones that spring to mind and my speculations are Badger Books (gone the way of all indie books?), 903 Cortland (good food but weird space and not particularly welcoming vibe), and Spice Hound (I will personally miss it, but such an extreme specialty store with relatively high prices probably needs more foot traffic).

  2. Spice Hound is a great store, carrying spices and salts that you can’t find in any super and most specialty stores. I’ll miss being able to take a short walk to get a special rub mix. Tammy has been a wonderful addition to our community and I’ll miss seeing her warm smile, but I’ll follow her to the Haight.

  3. I wonder if stores that offer more core needs than specialty needs would do better. For instance, I would love a shoe store (with shoe repair within it!) or a small pharmacy (with postal within!). 331 and 903 were infrequent for me personally. I’m still crushed about Badger.

    • I think now that Bernal is so “hot” a core business can’t afford the Cortland rents. I’d love to see a fresh mozzarella shop replace the Spice Hound.

  4. We popped in there Saturday to stock up on spices, and will make special trips to the Haight as needed. SPICE HOUND TIP: Tammy suggested that we call ahead to place our spice order and they will gladly box it up for a quick Haight pick up & pay. No need to despair Bernalwoodians!

  5. I can’t say I’m terrible surprised to see them go. It’s always a bummer to a see a local business close, but whenever I go to 331, both Spice Hound and the Belgian Waffle stand are always bereft of customers. I always feel bad for the staff, everyone seems to be there for Piroshki and deli food.

  6. While it is always a difficult transition when any business leaves Cortland, I would like to remind or clarify for those who are not aware of our model at 331. We are an incubator for small business and really cannot be grouped with the significant loss of Badger and 903. This means that as long as the current model continues, there will be new businesses coming and going in our space. This allows the new owners to follow their dreams and also to see if the retail model is a good fit for them without sinking enormous resources into the project.

    While Tammy and the Spice Hound crew are well loved and we will certainly miss their presence at 331 after 3+ years, it is a wise business decision for SH to consolidate in the new location. Also, this allows another emerging business to start on their path of brick and mortar.

    We hope you will all welcome a new business who serves the neighborhood from 331 very soon (no news yet!). Watch this space.

    • Debra, I love your model, and we hope to replicate a similar model elsewhere on Cortland (or SF). Is there a place you recommend that we can read up on this idea? Thanks.

      • Thank you for your comment and of course, we welcome other stores like 331. You can go into the store and talk to any vendor, they would be happy to give you information about how we operate. Good luck!

  7. Debra, thanks for your clarification. It might be worth telling your incubatees that posting notes about how “incredibly sad” they are to be “closing our location” isn’t the best way to say, “Hey, great news! We’ve graduated!” It sounds like failure. In any case, it’s always fun to see who turns up when spaces open at 331.

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