UPDATED: Bernal Dads Drive World’s Fastest Cookie In 24 Hours of LeMons Race


As you read this now, your Bernalwood editor is embedded with the Bernal Dads Racing team at Sonoma Raceway, in preparation for the 24 Hours of LeMons race that is set to take place this weekend.

The Bernal Dads have arrived here to field their brand-new crapcan race car, a 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano acquired on the cheap from the estate of a deceased gentleman in Marin.

Entering an Italian car in a grueling endurance race that places a premium on reliability and spare parts availability suggests a serious lack of good judgement; a perception confirmed by their unholy decision to transform the Alfa Romeo Milano into a V6-powered bag of eponymous cookies:


On the positive side, the roof-mounted cookie may help increase aerodynamic stability at speed.


The interior demonstrates a similar commitment to precision engineering and fine Italian craftsmanship:


Wish the Bernal Dads luck on the track. They’re driving a fuel-injected cookie in a 17 hour, wheel-to-wheel road race, so they’re going to need it.

UPDATE: It raced! Eventually! And it looked delicious:

LeMons Sonoma 2014

LeMons Sonoma 2014

PHOTOS: Bernal Dads Racing

9 thoughts on “UPDATED: Bernal Dads Drive World’s Fastest Cookie In 24 Hours of LeMons Race

  1. That is a truly awful thing to do to an Alfa Romeo, but…it is hilarious. The Milano might be my least favorite AR by body-style, but that V6 was the best in the world when it was new, so, GO cookie GO!

    • The Whale (the Volvo 245) raced like a champ all weekend. Placed in the middle of the pack. The Milano was sidelined by an electrical gremlin all day Saturday. On Sunday, an Angle of Mercy purged the gremlin, and the Milano had its race debut. There is more work to be done…

      • Cool, Todd. Thanks. Enjoyed your article in the Chron Monday. See my published letter to the Editor today “Where will our water go?”

  2. That’s my favorite cookie ! The double-chocolate version even improved upon the original, which I didn’t think possible!

    I also love the knock-off logo. Reminds me of how when my wife was breast feeding (twins, no less), I made her a T-Shirt based upon how she was feeling: Bernal Farms, knocking off the logo of Berkeley Farms.

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