Colored Lights Bring New Waterfront Mural to Life at Night

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The new mural on the waterfront silos visible from the eastern side  of Bernal was completed a few weeks ago. Now the multicolored lights that animate the mural at night are also live, and the result is rather wonderful.

To review: The mural is called Bayview Rise, and it was created by Haddad | Drugan under the auspices of the Port of San Francisco:

Bayview Rise is an illuminated animated mural located at the Port of San Francisco’s Pier 92 grain silos on Islais Creek. The project weaves together iconic imagery reflecting the Bayview neighborhood’s changing economy, ecology, and community. Its large-scale graphics will make its primary images visible from a distance, while views up close will reveal the abstract patterns from which those images are composed. In the night sky, the imagery is animated with lighting effects to allow viewers to enjoy the work throughout the day. The artwork is conceived as a gateway into Bayview Hunters Point and will be visible and changing from day to night.

Neighbor Michelle described the illumination of the project after spending some time with it:

Seeing it transform before your very eyes is so much more powerful than any still shot.  I have attached a small teaser…a video I shot a few weeks ago when the artist was in town from Seattle to test out the piece.  It is amazing that the changing imagery is not projection, but all paint and the different pictures revealed by the color of the light directed at the paint.  The fellows who installed the lights installed some of the lights on the Bay Bridge art piece as well.

The piece is scheduled to be up for a few years, so there will be plenty of time to enjoy it.  While not visible from our house on Winfield, it can be seen quite well from the glamorous east slope of Bernal… and Neighbors Shane, Katy, Deckie and Evelyn have a great view right through their front door!

Neighbor Michelle’s onsite video demonstrates the mural’s magical morphing powers:

UPDATE: Damon A.B.  created this supersexy map that shows the points east of the mural where it is visible. It’s interactive and clickyclicky, so check it out:


PHOTO and VIDEO: Courtesy of Neighbor Michelle

4 thoughts on “Colored Lights Bring New Waterfront Mural to Life at Night

  1. Very cool! We keep looking from Holly Park and hadn’t seen the lights/colors change yet. We’ll have to check it out tonight.

    • Ditto. We’ve noticed the lights on for the last week or two, but it always seems to be one color statically on for as long as we’re watching. No complaints, though, it looks really cool, even from up at Holly!

  2. Hey, I got mentioned on Bernalwood twice in twenty-four hours!

    How can I top it? I know I know I know! I’m gonna borrow one of my wife’s bikinis and start running roughshod over the neighborhood. Get your cameras ready!

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