Jackie Jones (and Her Dancing Cat) Need Our Help

Jackie Jones and Her Dancing Cat

Back in August 2011, your Bernalwood editor wrote a few appreciative words about the incomparable Jackie Jones:

Jackie Jones has been a Saturday fixture at Bernal’s own Alemany Farmer’s Market for as long as I can remember, entertaining foodies — and their kids — with her charming musical act. She was at Alemany last weekend, and — the passage of time being what it is — I confess that each time I see her I always fear it may be the last. She is a Bernal Heights treasure.

Alas, that fear proved prescient. Jackie Jones lives in Bernal Heights, and not long ago, Neighbor Hannah (who created the video you see above) reached out to Bernalwood to share the sad news that Jackie has been unwell.

Now Neighbor Hannah has organized a fundraising campaign to lend Neighbor Jackie a hand:

She is an 88-year-old musician who plays 1920’s jazz tunes on a washboard guitar, accompanied by a wooden tap-dancing cat, at the oldest farmers market in San Francisco. Her one-woman band has been captivating audiences at Alemany Farmers Market for over 15 years.

Last year, Jackie took a terrible fall in her home, breaking her foot and fracturing bones in both of her legs. She has been homebound ever since and, despite her age and the obvious challenges she continues to face regaining her independence, she fully intends to return – somehow! – with her wooden cat to the farmers market as soon as possible.

Given that Jackie relied financially on the donations she received while playing music, she is having trouble paying for her medical expenses not covered by Medicare. Jackie has wonderful friends who bring her groceries and get her to doctor appointments, but she needs your help to get back up on her feet (literally). $5,000 will cover the cost of one more month of home care, buying her a little more time to regain her balance and relieving her of the stress that comes with living from social security check to social security check.

It practically goes without saying: This is an opportunity to give back to someone who has given so very much to Bernal Heights — and San Francisco. If you can, please donate to assist Jackie Jones with her recovery.

PHOTO: Top, Jackie Jones on July 30, 2011, by Telstar Logistics. Video by Hannah Levinson

13 thoughts on “Jackie Jones (and Her Dancing Cat) Need Our Help

  1. Thanks Hannah for starting this appeal and to Bernalwood for posting. I just kicked in $50 and see that the goal is at about 60% already. I really think we should raise the goal to $7.5k or $10k, don’t you?

    • Pat — I COMPLETELY agree! I can’t change the actual goal, but once we hit $5k, I’ll edit the text and make $7.5k or $10k a “stretch goal.” Thank you for your generous support! Let me know if you have any other outreach ideas.

  2. You are a fine human being Hannah for starting this effort to help this kind woman. I am financially not in a position to donate as I have been recently laid off my job and relaying on Unemployment. However I have some groceries in my pantry I would like to donate if I only knew How…….

  3. Thanks for doing this. I’m encouraging our local Brownie troop to send a portion of their cookie proceeds. Let us know how we can help, beyond financially.

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