TONIGHT: Pop-Up Will Make Whoopie [Pies] Inside Little Bee Baking


If you think the thing that’s missing from your life is a whoopie pie, then you’re in luck! After Suppa is having a pop-up  at Little Bee Baking on Cortland tonight, Friday March 7.  Neighbor Stacy from Little Bee tells us:

After Suppa is a fledgling baking company specializing in Whoopie Pies started by one of my part-time helpers, Meredith Lee

But hold on. A whoopee pie? Sounds smutty! Meredith from After Suppa explains:

What: What the heck is a whoopie pie? It’s a wicked good baked treat that could only be described as a mini cake sandwich with buttercream filling. The pop-up shop at Little Bee will be first time selling them to the public after becoming an official business (and getting my Cottage Food Operation [CFO] permit).

Where: Little Bee Baking at 521 Cortland Ave. Friday, March 7 from 6-9 PM. Possible repeat pop-up assuming all goes well!

Why: I had just moved to San Francisco and was feeling homesick for my native New England when I spotted a whoopie pie at a little grocery store. With my first bite my heart fell. Dry cake. Chalky frosting. Definitely not like the whoopie pies my nana used to make. It was at that moment that I decided that San Francisco needed real whoopie pies. The kind with moist, springy cookies and creamy filling that you can find at mom-and-pop shops all over Maine and New Hampshire. Thus, After Suppa was born.



5 thoughts on “TONIGHT: Pop-Up Will Make Whoopie [Pies] Inside Little Bee Baking

  1. A Bernal Native, I had to move to New England to learn about Whoopie Pies — enjoy having them made locally!!!

  2. Destination Baking in Glen Park sells tasty ones. But nice to have some in the nabe.

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