New, High-Tech Solar Streetlight May Deter Illegal Dumpers. Maybe.


The north entrance to Bernal Heights Park has been the site of many illegal dumping attacks, over the years, all done under the cover of darkness. But a new high-tech solar-powered streetlight should make the parking area a bit less attractive to debris-dumping hooligans.


It’s “Off-Grid,” and it’s self-contained, complete with internal batteries. I only noticed it this week, but I almost walked by it without seeing it, so I wonder when it was actually installed. Neighbors?

But here’s the most important thing. It works! It really lights up!


The extra photons will come in handy since the anti-dumping Eye of Sautrito has been largely repurposed for Burrito Railgun defense.

15 thoughts on “New, High-Tech Solar Streetlight May Deter Illegal Dumpers. Maybe.

  1. “Almost walked by without seeing it”? How could you miss it? This thing is huge! 30 feet high and 3 feet around, made of jet black aluminum. It definitely pops out.

  2. I think the pole needs a surveillance camera (even a fake one) attached to it in order for it to really deter any criminal activity.

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  4. I think it’s an ugly pole, with an even uglier solar power screen. And its light is also ugly – the harshest possible white. I was a member of the BH infrastructure task force, and we spent a lot of time considering the quality the light from the new streetlights that went in, as well as the scale of the fixtures.

    Now, when I ride my bike up Folson Street in the middle of the night, I can count on getting blasted with penitentiary bright searchlight at the top of the hill, from a fixture that looks like it belongs on a movie set. Seems to me this could have been handled better.

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