New Mural Takes Shape on Helipad House



Bernal Hill is swell place to go for a nature walk, but it’s also becoming a great place to view large-scale art. The mural on the old grain silos on the eastern waterfront is now complete, just as a new installation takes shape on the northern-facing facade of the “Helipad,” the contemporary home at the top of Folsom near Ripley.

Neighbor Regina previews what’s coming:

Life’s too short to live in a plain white house. Plus, the hottest neighborhood in America should have a hot pink element. The artist is Casey O’Connell and we just let her do her thing, which currently involves sharks with gold grills of the San Francisco skyline.

PHOTOS: Top, Monique Soltani. Below, Joe Thomas

27 thoughts on “New Mural Takes Shape on Helipad House

  1. I saw this the other day and was really excited. It’s such a visible location, the owners are awesome for doing this!

  2. Has anyone seen the grain silo mural lit up at night with the varying lighting effects? I’ve not seen it yet, it’s been dark. Does it happen randomly or just not ready yet?

    • I was wondering about that, too. I’ve only seen it during the day so far but love the idea of the 2 other views depending on the lighting.

      • Exciting breaking news from the East Slope!

        Right now (7:20 PM Tuesday night) the grain silo lights are being tested and it looks fantastic. I was alerted to this by a good friend over on Winfield who’s friends with the artist, who’s in town to get the lights up and running once and for all. Seems like us lucky East Slopers are going to have an even better night time view for the foreseeable future.

  3. I live near the house on Precita that used to have a larger than life mural of the Beatles covering the entire facade. I miss it, so I love the idea of a mural on this house which also isn’t far from mine. Also love what the home owner said about letting the artist do her thing. Then clicked on artist’s name and saw pink and shark and. . .is that the new mural? is that a woman poking a shark in the eye? Ouch!

  4. What a lame excuse to paint a wall of a house. “life’s too short”? huh?
    So we are hiking up on this beautiful piece of open space in SF and we look down on a mural.

    Sure, the owner may choose to do what they want, but a poor excuse for another piece of lame art facing our parks. I think I’ll go out there and plant a few fast growing shrubs and trees to hide it.

  5. Nice! I’ve never been a fan of that house, just looks so blocky and soul-less, but this looks like it might add some much-needed flavor! Kudos!

      • Well, as noted above, it is much-needed because it was previously lacking.

        Before: House is Block-y and soulless.
        After: House is still block-y, but at least it has a mural to give it some soul and identity.

  6. Soul and identity comes from the humans who inhabit the space, not from a few cans of paint and a graffiti “artist”.

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