SFPD Manhunt on Precita Startles Neighbors, Finds Criminals and Guns. Two Escape.


There was some craziness in northeast Bernal Heights on Saturday night. Perhaps you saw it on the Twitter. Perhaps you heard the heat-seeking CHP helicopter hovering overhead. Perhaps you listened to it on ScanSF. Or perhaps you had had several heavily armed police officers stationed in your backyard.

It was a big deal.

After shooting a man in the Tenderloin on Saturday night, a car full of baddies led the SFPD on a chase to  Florida at Precita, and that’s when things got really intense. Rob Nagle from the SF Examiner picks up the story:

The shooting occurred at Leavenworth and Turk streets about 10:30 p.m. when a 35-year-old man riding a bike was shot by one of four men who fled the scene in a 4-door sedan. Before fleeing the scene, one of the suspects took a necklace and some pills from the victim, police Officer Gordon Shyy said.

Officers located the vehicle and pursued it onto Highway 101 through various police districts.

The suspects reportedly abandoned the vehicle at Precita Avenue and Florida Street and fled on foot. Two suspects were taken into custody and two are still outstanding.

Several firearms were recovered in the vehicle, Shyy said.

The suspects arrested were identified as 25-year-old Timon O’Connor and 24-year-old Phillip Ridinger, both San Francisco residents. They were both booked on numerous charges including attempted homicide, robbery, conspiracy, possession of narcotics, evading police and carrying concealed firearms.

O’Connor was reportedly found hiding in the trunk of a car in a garage in the 500 block of Precita Avenue and Ridinger was apparently located at Folsom and Cesar Chavez streets, Shyy said.

Wait. Did you catch that? One of the shooting suspects was found hiding the the trunk of a car parked in a Bernal neighbors garage.

Ugh. Via Neighbor Sarah, Captain Falvey at Ingleside provides some additional detail:

The events started with a robbery in the Tenderloin. A necklace was ripped off the victim’s neck (this kind of robbery has picked up, by the way), and then one of the muggers shot him. A witness got a partial license plate number and gave the make/model of the car, which was then spotted by one of the Tenderloin patrol cars. The car took off, leading the police on a chase up Van Ness and Mission. The car was then ditched in the Precita area, and some officers responding to the scene encountered two groups of two men each, one going one way and one going another. One of the groups seemed to match the suspect descriptions from the Tenderloin robbery, so they followed those two. One was eventually arrested while talking on his cell phone as if nothing had happened. The other was found hiding in a car in a garage, as has been reported. The police arrested them and recovered two weapons. The two guys arrested were identified as the shooters. So it’s not clear if the other group of two guys had anything to do with these guys, but the police are still investigating that. The two guys who were arrested had addresses a few blocks away in the Mission.

To experience the madness as it happened, here is an audio archive of SFPD dispatch communications during the incident.

PHOTO: SFPD on Precita Saturday night, by Stephani Ramirez

11 thoughts on “SFPD Manhunt on Precita Startles Neighbors, Finds Criminals and Guns. Two Escape.

  1. We were southbound on 101 on our way home when the suspects came up quickly behind us, swerving side to side due to at least one flat tire – and lack of skill.

    I darted into the breakdown lane to avoid being hit by them.. then a pile of cops came screaming past – a bunch of whom missed the exit – oops. Very exciting.

  2. Thanks to Twitter, we got bits and pieces of the story as it was happening. I was shocked the local media didn’t pick up on it sooner – it was quite the excitement in our little, normally quiet village!

  3. There was quite some action around our house at Montcalm that night. Lots of police cars with flood lights. We had friends over and told them before how quiet and peaceful the neighborhood is and I think they left us a little bit scared. Thanks for the coverage!

  4. I lived on the N- E end of Bernal Heights from 1947 to 1979— in 4 diff. houses one was at 1637 Florida St— Between Precita and Peralta Sts– soooo this occurred around the corner —

  5. If it truly is a group of 4, I wonder if it’s the same group of 4 that have been robbing people in Bernal Heights and St. Mary’s Park over the last 3 weeks.

  6. Is there a description of these 4 men? As a single woman who walks frequently, I passed a group I’d never seen before the other evening on Holly Park Circle. I instinctively felt trouble but it could’ve been due to the fact that some were wearing hoodies and I couldn’t see their faces well. I’d like to a description of these men if there is one available.

  7. They found the guy in the trunk of the car from a tip I gave them. I heard a commotion outside my house on Florida Street and thought it was my girlfriend coming home and lugging her bike up the stairs. But right after hearing the all commotion there was yelling and a cop car that sped up Florida street. Plus there was a cop running up Florida street and I’ve never seen a cop run so fast in my life. The cops knocked on my door and I pointed out to them that the suspects could have jumped my front yard fence, onto the top my neighbor’s garage and then onto the neighboring back yards which were very dark. My neighbor’s garage is accessible by their backyard and low and behold he was in the trunk.

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