Parched Aloe Plants Bloom with Orange Spikey Flower Thingys


It’s January, but it feels like October. Which is nice, except for the fact that it’s unholy and terrible. Bernal Hill is supposed to be verdant and green this time of year. Yet today Bernal Hill is only sort of green, with lots and lots of brown.


Meanwhile, Danielle Mills posted this photo in the Bernalwood Flickr group. I believe this is an aloe plant, because I’ve got several of them in my own back yard that look exactly the same right now.

The red body means it’s a bit parched. I also believe the big red aloe flowers may have bloomed a bit early this year, but I defer to our resident botanists on this.

Regardless, please commence rain dancing.

Tangentially Related PS: Speaking of the Bernalwood Flickr group, Neighbor Markus shares word that you can now add your photos to the Bernalwood group simply by adding #bernalwood to the photo title, description, or tags. No need to manually add the photo to the group anymore; just type #bernalwood somewhere in there and the photo will magically appear in the Bernalwood group. As shown here. Handy. Share with us please!  Your photos are always beloved.

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