Owner of Big Yellow Bus Not Fooled By Fake DPT Parking Notice


Neighbor Alex, the keeper of the Gillibus, has seen a lot of things during his tenure as the Bernal Heights custodian for a large yellow former school bus, but until now, he has never seen anyone try to pass off a counterfeit Department of Parking and Traffic parking notice.

Neighbor Alex speculates “Santa brought somebody a color printer for Xmas.”

28 thoughts on “Owner of Big Yellow Bus Not Fooled By Fake DPT Parking Notice

  1. Parking is a challenge on a good day in SF, but especially in Bernal. Stolen cars are regularly dumped on some blocks, but more of a problem are the inconsiderate neighbors who store their vehicles in front of their neighbors homes instead of their own. It is now $98 w/amount subject to change. Here is the correct link for downloadable signs to put on cars that overstay their welcome: http://www.sfmta.com/sites/default/files/file_attach/Remember%20to%20move%20your%20vehicle%20every%2072%20hours%20to%20avoid%20a%20citation.pdf

  2. And let the 2014 Bernal Parking Debates commence!!! I think it’s sort of like the Godwin’s Law of parking . . . if you print out a parking-related note you automatically lose the debate.

  3. Hold the presses! It’s official! Bernalwood is so glamorous that ad sponsors want us!. I just saw an ad. Congrats! Will you do commentary on the ad’s provided? 🙂 surely David Kaye will have comment! Latin for President next!

  4. Why doesn’t ‘neighbor’ Alex simply park the bus in his driveway or in a monthly parking spot?! Instead he chooses to complain, attempting to make himself the victim, & continue to blight the neighborhood.
    Thanks for the link George & JJ; many will find it useful.
    The notice is the real deal from DPT. Several of my neighbors had them on their cars thinking that the parking patrol would be lenient during the holidays; the joke was on them, especially when in some cases the cars were towed. $98 fine + $398 tow + Misc fees = Lots of $$ better spent elsewhere.
    Heed the warnings!

    • Hi Pamela?! Why don’t you simply have clue before you post and blight the neighborhood?! I simply did not send this photo to Todd because I choose to complain?! I simply just thought it was funny because it’s simply a bush-league attempt by a pathetic vindictive person at impersonating the DPT?!

      Also the “notice” I photographed and Todd posted here is NOT the same one on the SMFTA website these commenters are linking to. They are completely different. For example, the real one is all black and white with no graphics and says THIS NOTICE HAS BEEN PLACED BY A CONCERNED CITIZEN.

      Don’t worry: because my bus didn’t take up any needed parking spaces and affected no one’s life except for psychotic neighbors with nothing better to do than harass people’s vehicles on completely empty streets atop Bernal, I moved it to a secure location. Actually, what happened is I sent that email to Todd in October, assumed correctly that it would further enrage the psychos harassing my bus, and instead of risking more cowardly backlash vandalism, I moved the minute I got a secure spot at my mechanic’s garage.

      Bernal doesn’t have a parking problem…it’s got a people problem.

      • Here here. I had to use my garage as storage for a bunch of stuff I was donating to charity. I had it full of my donated goods and was awaiting pickup for, I dunno, two days. So, I parked my car on the block and received the nastiest note from someone. Not only did I not pull up all the way and was potentially blocking 1/8th of a spot, but I clearly already had a garage spot and shouldn’t be allowed to park on the street! This note said as much. So, whoever left it has such a horrible life that they probably sit in their window all day peering out into the street taking a tally of who parks where, for how long, and whether they have a garage or not. Thank God SOMEONE is concerned about justice in our neighborhood!!!

        Grow up, you assholes!

        ps. I love Bernal and Bernalwood. ❤

    • I thought folks were allowed to park anywhere as long as they were in compliance with the various residential permitting zones, meters, street cleaning, the three-day thing and out of the way of driveways?
      (This is of course once we accept public space for storage of private cars, but that’s another issue entirely.)

  5. Someday I hope to have enough time in my day that I can concern myself with what all my neighbors are doing and police them appropriately. As it is though, I sadly only have enough time to worry about myself.

    • Thumbs up. Who has time to do this? And why do they care where this guy parks his bus? In a perfect world the culprit it would be some kind neighbor who’s just giving us all a laugh. Sadly, I suspect it’s a pathetic loser with way too much time on their hands.

      Whoever you are, fake DPT person, I’m laughing at you right now and I’m not the only one. Get a life.

    • The person with the new printer must have accidentally dropped the “THIS NOTICE HAS BEEN PLACED BY A CONCERNED CITIZEN” when they were re-typing the whole message and changing font sizes and colors to maximize the display of the fabulous capabilities of their new printer.

      I’m sure it wasn’t an intentional edit to make Alex think it came from the DPT.

  6. So, it’s not enough that DPT harasses the owners of *legally* parked cars at the behest of busybody “neighbors”, they want to facilitate the nastygrams of these same trolls. It’s so encouraging to see my tax dollars being put to good use…

  7. I don’t know anymore.
    Maybe it’s time to camouflage the thing?

    And cut and pasted DPT (who dat?) paragraphs are at least somewhat legit.

    Loved the coachella pics. After 8 years of it, I think I am done, though a camo-bus might change my mind

  8. I love keeping up with the action in my old neighborhood. I just want to know when the street became part of your property? Get a house have a piece of the street?? So cool why did i move away…lol.. I grew up in Bernal back in the pre gentrification days (OMG is he stirring the gentrification pot???) and I would park where there was an open space…next to my house or a block away. Always respected the driveways and space needed to get in/out. People would not freak out if I parked in front of their house. Guess people have nothing better to do. Where were these folks when the Sons Of Hawaii motorcycle club lived on Anderson? I would love to see someone put a “concernc citizen note” on their Harleys..lol. Now they kept the justice on Anderson.
    Neighbor Alex, back in the day you bus would have never ever been towed or left wonderful love notes…would it have been broken in to? Yes…graffiti? Of course…Rocks thrown from the hill to break the windows? Why what else did kids do? But never ever towed. Rock on Alex!!

  9. Man. I moved to Bernal pretty recently, and if my perusal of Bernalwood is any indication, I sure will be witness to a lot of parking drama. I’m glad I have a garage.

  10. “…back in the day you bus would have never ever been towed or left wonderful love notes…would it have been broken in to? Yes…graffiti? Of course…”

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place. 🙂

  11. Hah, it’s actually way higher than $385. I paid about $1400 between two tows in 2012-2013 but guess what? It’s still cheaper than a paid parking spot, it forces me to go on walks, AND most importantly, my van is an inspiration to EVERYONE who passes it. California dreaming.

    I’m about due for another unexpected tow, but before you report me, can I just hand you $100 directly and we’ll all save the trouble? Do you take bitcoin?

  12. I moved to Bernal recently and I have to say I’ve been pretty appalled by the amount of people who think they own the streets around here. Unfortunately my apartment did not come with a parking space. I park where I can. I would never block someone’s driveway. Numerous times now I have pulled up to a legal parking space and been repeatedly honked at by apparent residents to move. You do not own the street spot in front of your house.

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