New Video Profiles Lisa Moro of Inclusions Gallery


As part of his ongoing series of video profiles about creative people in Bernal Heights, Neighbor Steve Sisler recently released a new piece about Lisa Moro of the Inclusions Gallery on Cortland:

Lisa Moro began curating shows at the Inclusions Gallery in San Francisco’s eclectic Bernal Heights neighborhood in 2007, with the aim of becoming embedded in a community where she could make a difference.

The results have been successful and positive: a comfortable, inclusive space in the midst of a vibrant, creative neighborhood – where the gallery acts as a strong connector within the community, building bridges between local artists, neighbors. And this is never more apparent than during the annual show of Bernal Heights artists.

In Moro’s words, “The community supporting the gallery gives me the opportunity to support the artists in the community.”

Very Special Thanks to Bernal’s Ralph Carney for providing the soundtrack for this film.

9 thoughts on “New Video Profiles Lisa Moro of Inclusions Gallery

  1. Awesome interviews! Lisa has done such a fabulous job here in Bernal. Can’t tell you how many times we have come home with awesome LOCAL art. Thanks for posting…

  2. I’ve known Lisa for over 20 years, back when she was the manager for Gallery of Jewels on 24th Street. It’s been great having her on the Hill and watching her gallery become the neighborhood icon that it is.

  3. Who’s that on piano, Michael Macintosh? Rob Reich? Anyhow, Ralph’s clarinet work adds a lot to the video. Just from what I can see in the video, she has way better taste than most curators I’ve seen. I was over at Southern Exposure the other day and couldn’t believe the crap they’re featuring in their current exhibit. I have not yet been to the Inclusions Gallery, but I plan to go there next time I’m in the ‘hood.

  4. Another tour de force for Steve Sisler. I hope someone soon gets the brilliant idea that he should be getting a Grant to do these marvelous jewels, an archive for the future! Help! Is there someone out there listening? Congrats all around: Todd & Lisa.

    • I think it’s the MANNER in which something critical is said. Goodness knows that I say lots of critical things and I don’t believe any of my posts have been deleted. Did you criticize a person or make an ad hominem attack against a person? That’s a BIG difference!

      • I joked about the former gallery name, and a phrase I used in criticism was probably too severe for the tender hearts of Bernalwood. I will simply say this, I used to go to the gallery and have bought art there, but after years of going I found the owner less than likable, so now I avoid it.

  5. I’ve been a resident of Bernal Heights since 1986, and have personally known Lisa since 1996, when she was managing Gallery of Jewels in Noe Valley. Her knowledge of the art world is extensive and her commitment to the artists she represents, including the community of Bernal Heights is unwavering. Inclusions Gallery has been a labor of love for Lisa. It is a jewel of a gallery, filled with carefully selected, constantly rotating unique pieces of art. In the six years she’s been open she has worked tirelessly to fulfill her dream of offering a gallery that does indeed act as a bridge between local artists and neighbors. With the continued support of Inclusions Gallery, Lisa can continue to support the artists in the community. I would go a step further to add that all of us in this incredible neighborhood of Bernal Heights have a responsibility to support our local merchants lest we lose them.

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